What Kind of Energy Do You Channel?

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Living authentically means maintaining energetic balance. Life is full of ups and downs, and expressing dissatisfaction is as important to your overall well-being as expressing satisfaction. Negative feelings are a part of life and you must feel safe in expressing them, as long as you aren't hurting others in the process. Not allowing yourself to express, or stuffing your feelings, is a bad habit and one that takes some doing to break. The key to living authentically and maintaining energetic balance is a process of several steps:

Learn how to identify energetic blocks. No one lives a life that is 100% positive or 100% negative. Positive blocks can appear to be positive, but are actually channelling negative energy, and what appears to be a negative block could very well be channelling positive energy! An easy way to tell if a positive is disguised as a negative is to ask yourself if defiance is present. There is no defiance in love, so if you think you are maintaining boundaries or standing up for yourself, and you find yourself explaining, bargaining, defending, or refusing, then you are actually channelling negative energy rather than positive. But, the good news is - you identified a mind file that needs resolving!

Sometimes, a person can become dualistic in trying to determine which energy they are channelling, but not all things in life are positive or negative - black or white. Sometimes you need to look in the grey areas for the answer. For example, suppose you are asked to perform a task at your workplace, but you know the task is illegal or immoral. Refusing to carry out the task is not negative in this case because you are upholding your personal ethical standard and you are actually channelling courage - a positive energy - to do this.

Learning to identify the blocks, or the rigid perspectives, takes practice and dedication. It's an ongoing practice too! There are thousands of mind files in the filing cabinets of your mind. It will take several years to work through them all.

Once you've identified the block, you must begin the process of reviewing and re-assessing. This is ultimately a process of understanding yourself; your true motives - not what you think you think but what you actually believe. This step requires more questions! You can't learn something without asking questions, so get in the habit of asking yourself: why do I feel this way? Is it reasonable or am I reacting automatically? Could I have handled this differently? What could I have done differently? Do I know how to do this differently, or do I need to learn how to do it differently?

Learn how to be mindful of your actions. Actions are the result of a thought process. The key is to learn to think in the moment rather than allowing your mind's process to act from a past reference.

Today's society moves so quickly that taking the time to be in the present moment will feel awkward at first - like you're in slow motion - but unless your very life (or another's life) is in immediate danger, there is no need for urgency. Allow yourself to take the time to properly assess your immediate surroundings before you act. If the people around you are prompting you to hurry and not allowing you to take the time you need to respond, then ask yourself if your current circle (professional or personal or both) is where you want to be. Respect is a two way street, but people who don't respect themselves cannot respect you. Demanding respect from people who are not capable of giving it is coming from a place of defiance, and willingly keeping yourself stuck in a negative place. And don't bother to take on the job of showing them how to be respectful either. That is not your job!

If you've found yourself in this kind of situation, this is good news! You have successfully identified a FEAR file! Dig deeper into that particular mind file and learn all you can about it. Keep asking yourself questions until you get to the 'aha!' You are learning to treat your own self with respect! Once you understand why you weren't being respectful toward yourself, you will be able to resolve it, and once you resolve it, you won't find yourself in disrespectful situations!

Learn to see the truth of what is in front of you. We see what we want to see more often than we see what is really in front of us. This is because we have been trained to be goal oriented. To maintain energetic balance, we must be able to see the truth of our situations, and to see the truth of what is in front of us, we must not be acting automatically. We must be well practised in being mindful.

It really is true - we get back what we put out so we must learn to recognize our true energy. Your mind's process cannot reference someone else's mind files - only yours - and the energy you are channelling resides in your mind files. Resolve your FEAR cabinet and you will change the course of your life. You are the author of your life!

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