What Happens If The Majority is Mistaken?

#Think4Yourself #BeAnIndividual

When I would get into trouble as a teenager, my favourite defence was 'well everyone else does it', and my dad's favourite comeback was 'well if everyone jumps off a bridge are you going to do that too?'

Fear is a powerful motivator, and the fear of abandonment (which is one of the main three archetypal fears) will cause people to make decisions that aren't always in their best interest. Other common worries that fall under the umbrella of abandonment are: the fear of being left out, ostracized, ridiculed, bullied, shamed etc. The development of social media and the level of popularity it has achieved has created the perfect place to feed this archetypal fear.

I've been thinking a lot about the polarization and divisiveness of Western society over the past few years and wondering how on earth, with all the resources available to us, have we have collectively returned to a victim culture? The blame game is alive and well in Western society and that game promotes segregation and hate - the exact opposite of the intent of the majority of it's players.

The majority appears to be fighting for the individual, but is actually promoting conformism, which by definition is it's opposite.

As all of you who have read Mind Files know, the mind's process is a complex operation. It collects data, forms a conclusion about that data, categorizes it, stores it, then uses all of that information as a reference in helping one understand their current experience. If it doesn't have a reference - meaning no mind file currently exists - it collects the new data and stores it in the NEUTRAL cabinet, meaning there is no emotional charge attached to it. Except in extreme circumstances, emotions are only attached to mind files once referenced, in the second visit, assuming the experience warrants them, and as most people will agree, emotions can easily be influenced by others.

Recently, I was watching a lecture by a well-known psychologist, during which he posited whether the current state of societal divisiveness was political or psychological.

A person's views - their perspectives - can only be formed from their personal vantage point because the mind's process can only reference files in the filing cabinets of their own mind - no one else's. Rigid perspectives, which are not facts, are formulated from a person's dominating cabinet, so if the majority of a person's mind files are stored in their FEAR cabinet, then political subjects that reference those files will be biased or skewed because they are negatively charged. That's why it's important for each person to pay attention to which political issue gets them all riled up, because an emotional response is a solid indication that there is a mind file that needs to be reviewed, reassessed and resolved.

Political issues are rarely perceived in an unbiased manner because every person is impacted by political decisions - regardless of the type or level of politics. No one escapes politics because politics permeate every aspect of life. For example, every adult pays taxes. Taxes pay the politicians, and politicians devise and incorporate laws to which every person must abide by. So, the question as to whether the state of society's polarization is political or psychological seems to me to be interwoven. Now, this is not to infer any form of intersectionality is taking place whatsoever. The idea of intersectionality, in my opinion, is a belief system that promotes hate and divisiveness and encourages victimology - something I do my best to discourage people from participating in.

Getting to the bottom of any form of imbalance - personal or societal - isn't easy. It takes, first and foremost, the willingness to learn the truth (which cannot be done alone); a ton of personal and ongoing effort, trial and error, and most importantly - brutal honesty.

A society cannot bring itself into balance if what appears to be the majority of its members in that society are out of balance.

Be courageous enough to face the truth behind your personal unrest before joining a group cause. Face your darkness, for it is only after you embrace your own darkness that you will find peace in the light.

© 2019 Penny Hodgson All Rights Reserved.

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