Unique But Equal?

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When a person feels lost, misunderstood, forgotten, belittled, humiliated, less than, and empty, the desire to be accepted becomes distorted and exaggerated. The mind's process can become fixated and driven to achieve acceptance, love and equality, but the energy driving the fixation is negative, and acceptance, love and equality are only found in the positive.

We like the idea that we are all unique, but when we don't know what it is that makes us unique, we demand equality, but what does that mean? Obviously, human beings have differences. Some humans are tall, others (like me) are short. Some are naturally athletic, while others have to work really hard to be athletic. Some are talented artists and easily create sculptures, paintings, music and interesting stories, while others are extremely intellectual and contribute to huge advances in the scientific world. Some, like me, are born with physical limitations, and others are born with intellectual limitations. My brother was dyslexic and had a really tough time learning to read. He was not capable of learning algebra, but he did understand basic math and that was all he needed. Not everyone is capable of calculus and not everyone wants to be either! Human beings are a diverse bunch and we were intended to be.

So, what is it that people really want? If we want to embrace our uniqueness, but demand equality, what is it exactly that we really asking for? Is everyone's understanding of equality the same or are people looking for what they think is equality but is actually something else?

Equality is defined as the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities. Do we not have that already? What do all the components of equality mean? Status is defined as the relative social, professional, or other standing or someone or something. Rights are defined as a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something, or to act in a certain way. Opportunity is defined as a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something.

Let's dig a little deeper. How does one achieve professional status or social status? Well, professional status is achieved through proof of capability. How does one accomplish that? Either through years and years of school, or years and years of work. If you chose to attend school and obtain a degree, then you had to write a series of exams that proved that you knew the material presented in your classes. If you chose to work your way up the ladder at your place of employment, then you proved you were capable of performing the tasks required by the owner of the company to ensure the business was successful.

What is social status? It is defined as a person's standing or importance in relation to other people within a society. Ok. What does that mean? In any society, there are levels of importance because with importance comes responsibility, and responsibility is earned - much like professional status - so is it possible to achieve literal equality in social status? No. There can only be one mayor of a village, town or city; one police chief, one top governing official. There can be only one principal per school, one CEO in a business. So what is it that people want then? Fairness? Ok - what does that look like? Within every society there are laws, and societal laws are applicable to all people. If you choose to speed, you could very well earn yourself a speeding ticket. If you choose to drink and drive, you could very earn yourself a jail sentence. If you choose to purchase then take street drugs, you could very well end up in the ER.....or dead. If you choose to hang on to your stubbornness and refuse to see things differently, you may very well find yourself in a less than desirable circumstance. If you choose.......you get the picture right? Everyone has free will. Free will is choice, and we are all responsible for our choices and that is fair. Of course, there are circumstances that people could find themselves in that appear not to be fair - accidents, victims of crime, natural weather disasters etc. - but no one can control or predict these things and often, people come out the other end much richer in other ways. If you don't like the circumstances of your life, you can choose to learn how to do things differently - and that is fair.

You are already equal to every other human being on the planet, but you might not see it that way, and your perception is also your choice. If you see yourself as a victim, you will absolutely be one, but if you see yourself as capable, then you will be capable. Every person has their own natural talents, interests, personality and every human being has the opportunity to learn how to do whatever it is they want to learn how to do. There are thousands of ways to accomplish this, so don't even start with the 'I can't afford to......." excuse. In nearly every community, there are libraries full of books that will teach you what you want to learn. Libraries are usually free, so there is accessibility to education for everyone and that is fair. Self education is still education. If your passion is to be something that you need licensing for, then choose to work your way up. Find a job that you can already do, and save the money to obtain your license. If you want something bad enough - you will find a way to do it. Everything that is worth having takes effort, work, dedication, determination and drive, and every person on the planet has these qualities - if they choose to use them.

Every person is unique and every person is already equal, so if you're feeling as though you are not being treated that way, you must figure out why. The answer is in the filing cabinets of your mind. Find the mind file that is causing you to feel left out, re-assess it now, at your current level of understanding. Work toward resolving that file and I promise you, when you do finally resolve it - you will know you are everything already, that you are equal and that you belong.

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