Tune In To Your Intuition

#TrustYourGut #ListenToYourSpirit #TheHeartKnows #SeekTheTruth

In Mind Files, I tried to explain how to connect with an intelligence much greater than any human being. As it turned out, it's much harder to explain than I thought, but the Universe has a funny way of guiding you to exactly where you need to be when the time is right for you to be there. You need only learn how to listen.

During #Covid, I came across some research about emotional trauma that I hadn't seen before. One thing led to another - as it usually does - which led me to an amazing, scientifically proven and extensively researched program that works incredibly well with my Mind Files program, and I'd like to share it with you. I've become a member of the HeartMath community and very soon, I'll be a certified HeartMath Practitioner!

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