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I've always had faith. Of course, there were times in my life when I felt as though God had abandoned me or was punishing me, but the truth was, I had abandoned Him and I was punishing myself! I had chosen to wallow in my self-pity, blaming everyone and everything for my misery instead of accepting responsibility for my choices. Once I was done feeling sorry for myself, I would gradually find myself reconnecting with my Spirit and reaching out to the Holy Spirit for answers. When I was ready to receive them, the answers came.

Over the years I've tried to understand what this thing I call God actually is and why having faith in it is so important. I did this not because I had doubt in my own beliefs, I did this because other people questioned my faith - my beliefs - and I couldn't explain why I believed what I believed. I just knew what I knew, so the journey to find evidence (which is essentially a journey to find other people's opinions who agree with my own) to validate my beliefs of God began. I was in my mid 20's at the time, married to an alcoholic, secure in my job and believing I was content with my life.

I had never read the Bible before - cover to cover - so I started there. My intellect understood the stories in the Bible were intended to provide the reader with tools to use in navigating life. I never thought of the Bible as a history book because I knew that many people had been involved in telling the stories that were in there, and I knew from all the years teaching music to people of all ages that every person understands things in their own way. I also, when reading the Bible, considered the time frame that it was written in. Being a history lover, I was aware of the Roman Empire, it's mythology and it's desire for political gain, so as I read through the Bible, I took all of these things into consideration.

Once I was finished reading the Bible, I looked into other faiths and I found similarities that seemed to validate my belief in one God. It seemed to me that Buddha had been enlightened by God the same as Jesus had, so I wondered - what did they study? Who were their teachers? Those questions took me back to ancient mythology and ancient philosophy, and eventually I found my way to Joseph Campbell who put it all together for me in a nice, neat package! That process took roughly 15 years of study, which one could classify as devotion to God.

During those years, my personal life drastically changed. I worked with a counsellor, participated in group therapy, attended church for a time, and eventually I divorced and started living for myself. I was reading a lot at that time and exposing myself to a wide range of new opinions as to who or what God is, as well as opening up my mind's process to learning who I really was.

I read Gregg Braden's book The Divine Matrix and learned a little about how and why quantum physics belongs in the same sentence as God. In this book, I learned that this empty space between me and other life forms wasn't actually empty - it was an energy field.

Going with that theory, lets assume there is a field of energy in the space we think is empty and let's consider the idea that this energy communicates with our energy. Not the energy we think we are transmitting but our true energy. If we categorize human energy as being either FEAR driven or LOVE driven, then we can begin to see that in this present moment, there are more human beings on the planet experiencing various negative feelings, which are ultimately coming from a place of FEAR than there are experiencing various positive feelings like truth, joy, contentment, or happiness which are ultimately feelings of LOVE.

In short, our global energy is, at this moment in time, imbalanced.

I was speaking with someone not too long ago, who considers herself a Spiritual person, discussing this very topic and I mentioned to her that this current Covid situation couldn't be happening unless the majority of people on the planet wanted it. Her immediate response was 'I don't think people wanted this'. I realized from her response that her understanding of how human energy speaks to the Universe was very different from mine.

Some people believe that our energy is a sort of numbers game; that all you needed to do is outnumber the negative statements in your mind with positive ones because positive statements vibrate at a higher frequency. It's true. Genuine positive beliefs do vibrate at a higher frequency, so what does that mean and how does any of this relate to our current Covid-19 situation? If we can accept the idea that this energy field responds to each individual's true energy, then there must be more people on the earth at this moment in time transmitting FEAR than there are folks transmitting LOVE.

Like I always say - what you think you think isn't always what you actually believe, and the Universe (God, or the energy field, or whichever other name you choose to assign to this thing we can't scientifically explain or quantify) responds to our true energy. Not what we think we think or what we want to think - it responds to our truth.

So, what does any of this have to do with faith or Spirituality? Without a personal relationship with God - however you choose to understand Him/Her/It - you will never be free from FEAR. Science definitely has it's place because without it we wouldn't learn anything! But science will only take you so far in healing. We are mind, body and Spirit - what I refer to as the Sacred Three - and we must pay attention to all three aspects of ourselves if we want to heal.

We can't successfully change our energy by simply outnumbering the fear driven patterns our mind's process created and reinforced with positive thoughts. We must reSOLVE those negative patterns completely. We must heal them through a psycho-spiritual process which ultimately results in genuine heart-felt forgiveness, and genuine heart-felt forgiveness requires Divine Intervention. The mind's process is not capable of this level of forgiveness and this is the only way our true energy shifts from negative to positive.

Nothing happens by accident. What manifests in your own life is a direct result of the true energy you are sending out into the Universe and this applies globally as well. Each of us has a part to play in this things we call life, and every person contributes to the whole. ReSOLVE your own FEAR files and embrace faith! This is how we can all begin to change the world!

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