The New Moon Offers Hope

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Tonight, the moon is between the earth and the sun. Without the reflection of the sun's beautiful bright rays cast upon it, the moon cannot be seen from earth. It is in it's darkest phase but from a psychological astrological perspective, the New Moon offers us a chance to choose to start over; to choose to learn how to do things differently. The New Moon reminds us hope exists.

There are times in everyone's life when it feels as though hope has forgotten how to find us.

Where does hope come from? One could argue that hope is a state of mind as are all emotions, but there is far more to it than that. Hope resides deep within our being, at the core of who we are. Hope resides in our Spirit, so if hope seems to have forgotten how to find you, it's because you have lost the connection between your mind's process and your Spirit.

I believe we are mind, body and Spirit. I refer to these parts of us as our sacred three. We feel the best when we have all sacred three aspects of ourselves in balance with one another. When we are infants, we are in complete balance because we are free to be who we are. As we begin to experience all the things that life has to offer, and as we come into contact with more people, we are constantly knocked off balance. If we do not consciously do what we can to bring ourselves back into balance, our emotional well-being will have a negative impact on our physical well-being and we will experience disease.

Picture the sacred three as an isosceles triangle with your Spirit at the base. The mind and body connect at the base and lean toward one another at the peak. We are shaken off our base when our focus is given to one side of the triangle more than the others.

To bring ourselves back into balance we must find our ground. We are grounded by our Spirit, so we will only find balance through a Spiritual practice. A Spiritual practice not only reconnects us with God (however you choose to understand Him/Her/It), it challenges our thought process, which eventually alters our emotional state. As our emotional state improves, our physical bodies will find their way back to health.

Today, ask yourself if you truly feel balanced. If not, choose this day to choose to find your way to a Spiritual practice and begin the process of achieving balance again. Don't worry! If you're not quite ready yet to find and participate in a Spiritual practice, the moon will continue it's orbit and there will be another opportunity next month and the month after that, and the month after that!

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