Spiritual Study Series: Session #3 Revelations

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As a child, I remember feeling as though the Book of Revelations in the Bible was akin to a doomsday book, so the word 'revelation' itself carried an ominous tone. It resided in a file in my FEAR cabinet. It grew in intensity every time I thought that God punished us for bad behavior, and every time I watched one of those evangelical folks on TV preaching about judgment day, another fear filter went into that file until it became a block that I was completely unaware of. I was unaware of it because my mind's process had I file that said: I get this! I don't have any biases where religion is concerned, but when it came right down to it, all of those ideas that I had heard other people say like getting to the pearly gates and being turned away because you weren't 'good enough' to get in.....those ideas were in a FEAR file. I had biases and unless I was ready to get 100% honest with myself, miracles were going to be few and far between.

My family didn't go to church but my Grandmother attended the Anglican church for most of her life, and she had strong faith. In a way, I was extremely fortunate because I had the best of both worlds when it came to understanding God. I was free to decide for myself who and what I thought God was, yet I still received some teachings from my Grandma. I couldn't tell you exactly when it happened - when the idea of revelations shifted from my FEAR cabinet to my LOVE cabinet, but it did! I don't remember the exact day when I realized that the Book of Revelations in the Bible wasn't prophecy for everyone, but when I finally did understand, my fear abated and I was open to receiving Divine Wisdom. Eventually, I realized that miracles were the stepping stones to revelation, and I began to pray for understanding and truth, because I finally understood that is the pathway to healing.

A Course in Miracles tells us that revelation induces complete but temporary suspension of doubt and fear. It's a temporary suspension because until we move from an intellectual understanding all the way down to knowing, fear and doubt can and will return. Knowing erases the painful past that used to weigh us down and sicken our bodies. Knowing validates the statement: Forgive and forget!

Miracles are the means to revelation.

Healing is a process of many steps. Every truth that finds it's way into your heart is only one step toward the complete revelation. For example, it took many miracles - many 'aha' moments - many Divinely relayed truths for me to get to the place where I could forgive the doctors who performed needless surgery on my body that caused me a great deal of pain - emotionally and physiologically.

First, I had to fully accept my own transgressions. I had to admit to myself that I had said and done things that hurt others. Each and every one of those actions required a miracle - Divine Insight - so I could understand why I did or said what I did. Then another miracle had to find it's way to my heart so that I could fully and completely feel compassion for the little girl inside of me who said and did those things. Once I had accepted 100% responsibility for my own actions, I was able to understand the actions of the doctors who I felt had harmed me intentionally. After all, doctors are supposed to know - right? Doctors are just people who have studied human anatomy. They feel the same feelings that everyone else does, and they put pressure on themselves, the same way that corporate managers do. Just like I did.

You see, pressure to have all the answers, pressure to be the smartest person in the room, pressure to succeed, pressure to be the best, pressure to be #1.....these insecurities are felt by everyone. EVERYONE. Realizing this brings you closer to understanding that human beings really are equal. We have are own unique experiences, we are educated in different ways, and we have our own way of understanding things, but at our core we all feel the same feelings. That's why the very first point in A Course in Miracles says: There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not 'harder' or 'bigger' than another. People are people. When you realize and know that, you will find yourself seeing far more common ground between people than differences.

No one is any 'better' than anyone else - they've just experienced different things. All human beings are equal in the eyes of God. That's not to say that knowledge is equal. Think of it this way: children in Grade 2 don't know what the children in Grade 5 do or what the teacher does - yet - but they are equal in how they should be treated. That's what equality is about. People make equality about emotional and material things.

In the Bible, Jesus says: No man cometh unto the Father but by me. That doesn't mean that Jesus is 'better' than anyone else or that he is the only son of God. What it means is, Jesus figured all of these things out. That's what his 40 days in the desert was all about. Days, months....years. What does it matter? Jesus gained knowledge through reconciling the filing cabinets of his own mind and he did his best to try to teach what he had learned to everyone he encountered. People made him be bigger than he was. They saw the peace he had and they wanted it. Some were jealous of him. Some felt threatened by him. Ultimately, he was a man who learned the truth and he tried to teach everyone he came across how to get to that level of understanding and how to achieve that kind of peace. If you follow his teachings, and if you apply those lessons to your own life, then you too will rise up to the level of knowledge he attained and be one step down from God - just like he did and just like Buddha did.

If we look for differences, we find them.

If we look for similarities, we find those too.

If we place people on pedestals, the day will come when they fall off and we will feel an incredible amount of disappointment. Betrayal. Hopelessness.

The path to peace and healing is inside you. In your heart, in your Spirit, in your Soul. Stop looking to other people to save you. Instead, be willing to invite miracles into your life. Miracles may very well come through a teacher or a guide, or maybe through a song, a book or a move. Be willing to receive miracles through whichever channel they come to you and revelations are sure to follow.

I hope you learned something here today that helped you, help yourself.

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