Science Minus Spirit Equals Misery

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Intellect. The ability to think and to reason. It's what separates human beings from other mammals, but what connects us?

Anyone who has adopted a furry four legged family member knows that despite there being a language barrier, communication happens. Like people, animals instinctively know who wants to communicate and who wants to dominate, so their level of interaction and cooperation reflects the communication they receive.

The quest to understand and learn and grow is the reason we are all here. We are not here to dominate, for domination is an abomination of and to our Spirit.

Take a moment to consider the possibility that there is a power that is much greater than you are. This power is responsible for creation itself and this power communicates with every living thing on this planet. The means of communication has not yet been defined or quantified, but the idea of intuition, which may very well be the means of communication, is widely accepted. What if it's true? What if intuition is the channel through which this power communicates to you? Wouldn't you require a decoder? Isn't it possible that the decoder is your Spirit?

For some, the notion of a power greater than themselves is laughable; their arrogance would never allow for such a thing to exist. For others, the possibility of a power so great as to be responsible for all of creation elicits a level of fear that imprisons rather than complements or sustains. Those who seek to understand and form a relationship with this power eventually discover the truths they gain from this relationship are not shareable or explainable to others, but the comfort and the peace they find through this relationship compels them to do what they can to encourage others to foster their own relationship with this Higher Power.

Long before the age of reason, human beings believed without question the existence of this Higher Power and eagerly sought to commune with it. Today, intellect is revered far more than an unseen and inexplicable force. Is it possible that this absence of faith is the root cause of our collective unrest? What do you think?

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