Rigid Perspectives & Anxiety

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Where does anxiety come from? It starts with a perception. An idea.

Our mind's process arrives at a conclusion (our perception) and decides this conclusion is the conclusion of all conclusions. It reinforces this conclusion so many times within a short time frame, the perspective quickly becomes an intellectual and emotional block that you are reluctant to let go of. These rigid perspectives start to accumulate in the filing cabinets of your mind and this is how you create anxiety in your world.

Each time your mind's process reinforces a rigid perspective it gives it power, but the kind of power is always contrary to the mind's process's intellectual intent.

Remember, there is no defiance in love! If the rigid perspective behind your anxiety was filed in your LOVE cabinet, there would be no reason to justify it, defend it, protect it or reinforce it at all. This is precisely how you can tell where the true energy behind your anxiety is coming from.

Be willing to take a giant step backward, allow a completely objective person to offer their opinion, and most importantly, open your mind's process up so you can see your situation from a different vantage point.

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