Mirror, Mirror, What Do I See?

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Your life is a reflection of your inner beliefs. Not what you think you think, but what you actually believe.

The Spiritual Truth that everything you encounter in life is a mirror reflection of your inner truth is a tough one to really grab onto, because it means accepting full responsibility for your life. We see what we want to see, and we see, or perceive, through the filters contained in the files in the filing cabinets of our mind. It's not just you - this is how everyone's mind's process works. The only way to change your perception is to remove the filters, and the only way to remove the filters is to go through a process that requires 100% honesty and the willingness to let go of your beliefs.

Life is a complicated and convoluted mess! It's not life per se that is complicated and convoluted, it's our mind's process's understanding that is. Until we fully understand that our perceptions are not truths, our life will continue to be complicated and convoluted and full of drama and hurt feelings. Life happens. Bad things happen to good people and believe it or not - everyone is good people.

Bad things happen to good people and everyone is good people.

The mind's process operates through judgment. It's how it works. It collects data, forms a conclusion about that data, assigns feelings to the conclusion (which are represented by coloured filters), categorizes the entire file based on the coloured filter(s) it assigned, then uses the entire file as a reference in understanding what is currently happening. Every time a file is referenced and validated, meaning your mind's process once again agreed with the conclusion contained within, that mind file not only gains power, it becomes more rigid in your mind; it becomes a block.

Blocks are both intellectual and emotional because emotions are tied to every conclusion your mind's process arrived at the time of the experience.

When your mind's process continually references and reinforces conclusions that were formed early on in your life, you understand these conclusions to be truths rather than perceptions, and this creates complications and convolutions in your life.

This is how the mirror of life works.

Everyone has been hurt at the hands of another. Some have been the victims of physical pain, others victims of emotional pain. Some have suffered both and some have suffered more than others, but no one is exempt because life is interaction. Every person interacts with another every single day. It is this interaction that creates either misery or joy, and the type of interaction is wholly dependent on the number of files contained within the filing cabinets of your mind. If your FEAR cabinet holds more files than your LOVE cabinet, then your interactions with others will reflect that.

The mind's process is tricky. It will convince you that you are not judging; that you are accepting, compassionate, empathetic and so on, while reinforcing your FEAR files the entire time. Until you are ready to be 100% honest with your own self, your mind's process will keep you imprisoned in a state of denial and you will continue to find yourself in more unpleasant experiences.

Our perceptions become perspectives, and our perspectives will create problems in our lives unless and until we are ready to let them go. If your life isn't going the way you want it to, challenge your beliefs. Be open to learning how to see things differently. Take charge of your mind's process and retrain it to live in the moment.

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