Labels Restrict Your Ability To Be Who You Actually Are

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I've never been a fan of labels. I've never accepted any for myself despite the eagerness of others to assign one or more to me.

Had I accepted them, my labels would be: angry, bitter, defensive, disabled, jaded, man-hater, victim, survivor, Type A, warrior, and who knows what other ones people have dreamt up and assigned to me.

I am none of those things.

It's obvious that I can't physically do things that others can - that I have a 'disability' because I walk with a pretty nasty limp. You won't see me participating in any marathons or joining a kick-boxing club. I was basically born without hip sockets, and while that does create challenges, I pretty much do everything I want. I have to work at my health like everyone else, but I don't, and never have considered myself disabled.

It's true, I was molested as a child and I was also raped, but I am neither a victim, survivor nor am I a warrior. All of those labels originate in a file stored in a person's FEAR cabinet. There isn't a single one that promotes genuine positive energy. It's not to say I didn't have those files, but they are now a distant memory.

Labels of any kind are an indication that there is a negatively charged mind file that needs attention and above all - Divine Intervention.

People who have come out the other end of horrible experiences like to think of themselves as either a survivor and/or warrior. Most people think these labels are positive because the response they get from others who become aware of the labels appears to be positive. Labels generate sympathy, validation, and in some cases a sense of unity. All are an illusion.

The emotions that go along with personal violations such as molestation, sexual assault and rape are incredibly intense. It took me decades to work through the files that I had created and stored in my own FEAR cabinet as a result of those experiences, so I can empathize with people who have not yet found their way through their own mind file that details the negative emotions that go along with an experience of that nature.


Aside from your name, labels are the consequence of the mind's process's analysis of an experience or of a feeling, and are always negatively charged. For example:

A person can't be a victim unless someone else did something or said something to them that was either physically and/or emotionally painful. While it is true that people do harm others, a person can't hang on to the mind file that describes the harmful event and heal from it at the same time. You have to choose one or the other.

A person can't be a survivor unless they have experienced something that was actually life threatening, or appeared to be life threatening. If you are focusing on surviving whatever it was that happened to you - you aren't living.

A person can't be a warrior unless they feel a need to fight for something. The more you seek to fight - the more battles will come your way.

The more you identify with your label, the more important it becomes and the more important it becomes to you, the more you will feel the need to defend it.

As all of you know who follow my program know, defense =defiance and there is no defiance in love.

There are two things that completely reSolve the need for a label - acceptance and forgiveness.


What is your label and why do you feel it is important?

Do you know who you are without it? If you were to remove it - would you be the same person?

Is your label there because you feel the need something to be acknowledged and/or validated? For example, if your label is cultural, do you feel that your culture (not you personally) is being attacked or should be revered more? Why? If your label is the result of a difficult experience, are you holding on to that label so elicit sympathy? What is the real reason behind the acknowledgement or validation you seek?

Is your label the result of something that happened directly to you, or is your label there because generations ago, something happened to members of your family? Does keeping the infraction out in the open help or harm? What do you hope to gain by focusing on a past that you did not live in?

Does your label describe a behaviour? If so, why is it important to you that everyone else accept that behaviour? After all, what you do is your own business - isn't it? I mean, as long as you aren't purposely murdering, maiming or otherwise hurting other people, why would what you do matter to anyone other than you?

Labels create a need for people to choose whether or not they accept it. If you hang a label on yourself, you are asking people to choose whether or not to accept you. Rejection causes emotional pain and that adds more filters in the mind file, solidifying the rigid perspective.

Connect with your Spirit and ask for guidance. Learn the truth behind your label, then let it go. Labels belong on things - not people.

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