Into The Chaos

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I did it. I knew better, but I willingly went down the road that I knew would lead to conflict, emotional stress, inner turmoil and unbelievable frustration. It's a world dominated by fear, yet I was compelled to enter it. Why? Because sometimes the answer you need is in the midst of the chaos.

Nothing happens by accident. Regardless of how you want to look at it, we - both personally and collectively - create the world we live in. We do this through the energy created by our true beliefs - not what we think we think - but our genuine heart-felt true beliefs. It is in this deep inner place where the energy that speaks to the Universe is found. Currently, fear is dominant, but slowly, more and more people are finding their way closer to the midpoint between fear and love.

It's difficult for people who rely and trust only on what they believe can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to comprehend this sacred idea. I know, because there was a time when my motto was: if you can't prove it to me using science - it doesn't exist! It was a contradictory motto/statement because I knew - without a doubt - that God exists and science and God....well, they aren't normally spoken of in the same sentence. I couldn't prove it and neither could anyone else, but I also couldn't disprove it - and neither can anyone else.

So, what was the fear behind the motivation? There were many actually. Unresolved Mind Files that needed to be resolved because the world is changing and I needed to be able to adapt.

It's normal to be afraid of the chaos because there is no way to foresee the outcome because there is no one outcome! Each of us has an individual outcome and while we sometimes require outside unbiased guidance to find our way to our individual outcome, our collective individual outcomes will eventually come together and bring a kind of collective normal again. It won't look anything like the normal we had prior to the chaos, but a new normal built out of our collective individual realizations.

Don't be afraid to go willingly into the chaos. Trust that your inner guidance system will help you find the way out. Inside, you will find gifts you couldn't have begun to imagine!

Welcome the darkness for it is only in the darkness that you will find the light.

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