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There is so much going on in this world right now, it takes a while to really consider what is actually happening. With #Covid19 fears and government imposed #Lockdowns, people all over the world have been taken deep into their #FEARCabinet. Most people avoid venturing into their FEAR cabinet to see what is actually in there, instead allowing the mind's process to continually add filters to the files stored there. This increases the negative energy contained within. Eventually, that tension needs to escape, so people welcomed the opportunity to publicly declare their collective reaction to abuse of authority.

The divisiveness between human beings is growing every day and people on both sides of the equation feel justified in their stance. The truth is - both sides are justified in their stance. If we take a moment to consider what is driving the extreme left, we'll find there is a considerable amount of unresolved emotional pain, and if we take a moment to consider what is driving the extreme right, we'll find there is a considerable amount of unresolved emotional pain. Each side points fingers at their opposition which means reaching an immediate resolution is impossible.

People on both sides of the current cultural equation simply want their pain validated. They want to feel as though they are heard. Recognized. Acknowledged. So, despite any fears of catching the viral strain known as #Covid19, many have taken to the streets, donned in various types of face coverings, dismissing the directive to maintain physical distancing while out in public to demonstrate their frustration for the world to see. Their pain was immediately validated. The media's attention turned away from the Covid boogeyman to the Black Lives Matter protests, oblivious to the actual undercurrent behind the mass gatherings and reporting only on the obvious.

In an attempt to show the people that their voices have been heard, some police officers and politicians from every level of government knelt before them.


What happens now that the collective emotional pain has been acknowledged? The battle ensues. Acknowledgement calls for punishment which is simply the next play in the blame game playbook.

Resolution requires personal involvement, and by that, I mean taking personal responsibility for your own unresolved emotional pain. That has nothing to do with showing up to a protest rally - it has to do with showing up to your own self.

It doesn't matter so much if I hear you - the real question is: are you hearing yourself?

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