Help Can Only Come Through An Open Door

#OpenTheDoor #HelpYourself #LetGo

Why is it so difficult to ask for help?

The mind's process is incredibly creative and efficient and it knows it! What it isn't good at - is admitting it isn't capable of knowing everything.

No one can know all things

Most people find it difficult to ask for help because needing help is perceived as a failure of some kind. A weakness. The reality is, no one can know all things and everyone needs a little help now and then, so what is really behind the reluctance to ask for help? The fear of being criticized, condemned, and judged.

Everyone faces criticism, but not everyone receives sufficient encouragement and that's how the mind file that deals with capability becomes distorted.

I could spend time trying to explain the difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism, but understanding something intellectually will not erase or resolve the hundreds of negative filters inside a mind file. Healing doesn't work that way.

When a mind file takes on more negative files than positive ones, the natural response is to develop defensive behaviours to prevent more negative filters from entering that file. Stopping yourself from behaving defensively takes a ton of courage, the willingness to accept full responsibility for yourself, and the desire to learn how to do things differently.

Most people think they are accepting responsibility for their actions but if blame is anywhere in any equation, accountability is absent.

Dig deep inside yourself and you will find the courage and the strength to ask for help.

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