Fear, Facts & Faith

I never imagined I would be living in a time where fear and panic would rule the world. In fact, I'm so stunned by it all, I've had to take some time to get my mind wrapped around it before writing anything. It's difficult for me to have a rational conversation with anyone who has accepted the mainstream narrative, because once fear has set in, ration and reason goes out the window. What I know for sure, is fear spreads faster than any virus, faith is the opposite of fear, and you can't convince people of something they simply are not ready or willing to hear.

The very first day the COVID-19 story broke, I was quick to dismiss it as ridiculous. I was certain, that 'medical officials' - would be quick to downplay this media created pandemic and the resulting public fear response, but that is not what happened.

The medical community is made up of scientists, and the scientists did what scientists do. They waited for the data to come in before they issued any kind of comment, but by the time they had any data to consider, the mass public was already in full panic mode due to the constant flow of fear driven headlines, both on mainstream news and throughout social media platforms. Nothing sells like fear!

Politicians, feeling the weight of responsibility to calm their constituents, looked to the medical community for answers, but because there was insufficient data, there were no real answers to be had. So, together they chose a course of action that, in this heightened emotional state, made the most sense. Was it the right one? For some people yes, but for others no!


Your response to the current viral outbreak is a reflection of how you perceive authority.

In the filing cabinets of your mind is a file that describes your perception of authority. The conclusions inside describe your perception of every experience that included who you perceived to be an authority figure. Remember, every conclusion is derived at the level of comprehension you had at the time of the experience. These are the mind files that your mind is referencing right now, every time you watch or read a news story that deals with the COVID-19 outbreak. Rigid perspectives are formed every time your mind's process references a mind file, and these perspectives become expectations. So, you will have expectations as to how every authority figure involved - such as the head of your country, the heads of the medical community etc. - should conduct themselves in this kind of situation.

The very first authority figures you knew were your parents, and your parents had a huge influence over you for the first several years of your life. If you were taught to be obedient and never to question authority, then you are in the group of folks who believe the politicians and the medical authorities have made the right decisions. If you were taught as a child to question everything and be curious and encouraged to think for yourself - as I was - then you are in the group of folks who are concerned about how this viral outbreak is being handled.

Everyone has thousands of conclusions stored in the mind file that deals with obedience to authority, and attached to every single conclusion are thousands of emotional filters. Each filter has a specific energetic frequency, and this frequency goes out into the world and comes back to you three fold. Why three fold? Because we are mind, body and Spirit. It is what I call the sacred three.

You will know which type of energy - positive or negative - is your dominant energy by the way you are responding to the decisions being made by the authorities today. Compliance before ration indicates the file is stored in your FEAR cabinet. Questions and concerns indicate your mind's process is referencing a file in your LOVE cabinet.

As a young child, you understood that your parents (or caregivers) were the only absolute authority around. They fed you, clothed you, nurtured you, educated you and disciplined you. If you felt you were well cared for, then the majority of filters you attached to each and every conclusion dealing with this level of authority would have been positively charged. For example:

1 - My parents (absolute authority) love me. = Positive

2 - My parents give me everything I need. = Positive

3 - I am always well provided for. = Positive

4 - Whenever I cry, my parents comfort me. = Positive

5 - When I am confused, my parents always have the right answer. = Positive

However, if you felt you were not well cared for, then the majority of filters you attached to the conclusions in your authority file would be negatively charged. For example:

1 - My parents are mean to me. = Negative

2 - I am hungry most of the time. = Negative

3 - Whenever I cry, I get into more trouble. No one loves me. = Negative.

4 - When I am confused, my parents never explain anything, they just yell at me. = Negative

5 - My mom never holds me or kisses me. = Negative.

By age 5 or 6, you would have started school. You were likely told to listen to your teachers and do what they say. In other words, your parents told you that teachers were an authority to be obeyed. If you had teachers who loved teaching and encouraged curiosity, then the filters attached to every conclusion in your SCHOOL IS FUN! file will be mostly positive, but if you had teachers were rigid and dictatorial, then your learning file will be entitled SCHOOL SUCKS! and the filters attached to your conclusions will be mostly negatively charged.

Your perceptions of your personal experiences determine your understanding of authority.


Power. You either love it or rail against it. At every single level of life, regardless of how Spiritually or personally empowered you think you are, someone holds some level of mundane power over you. There are governmental laws and societal laws laws that everyone must abide by, and these laws are made by people who have their own set of mind files. Unless you are the CEO of your own business, you work for someone and that person ultimately has some authority over you.

Those of us who have a personal relationship with God, know that there is a higher authority and look to that authority for answers in times like this.

It's impossible to know what is in the mind files of the people who are in positions of power at this moment and making decisions for all of humanity. While I believe that everyone involved certainly thinks they are doing what is best for everyone, I also know that their mind files are influencing every thought process their mind's process is referencing.


I never thought of myself as a science nerd, but if I'm completely honest with myself, I am! I question everything. Everything! I've never been a part of the crowd, not because I didn't want to be -- as I kid, being accepted and belonging to the crowd was what I wanted the most! Now, I see the blessing of being bullied and ostracized as a kid. I honestly am incredibly grateful that I'm not part of the crowd! I am not afraid and I'm not panicked because I know that God has given me everything I need to get through whatever comes my way.

The blessing of being bullied and berated and constantly criticized is that I've been self-isolating for decades, so the idea of self-isolation is not what has me concerned.

What has me concerned is the mass hysteria and panic that we are experiencing over a virus that the majority of people (80% as of this date) who have been diagnosed as having this virus have completely recovered from it. The majority of people have experienced only mild symptoms - much the same as one would experience during any normal seasonal viral infection - commonly referred to as the flu.

None of this panic or hysteria computes in my science brain. Viruses adapt. It was one of the very first things I learned in biochemistry, so why is the world in mass panic over an adapted virus and why are the 'authorities' so willing to allow the world's economy to crash over it? One of the things I learned in studying philosophy was to ask: Who seeks to gain from this?

Facts change when new information becomes available and in the world of science, new information is available every single day - and in times like this - every hour. The question that comes to my mind is - will these facts be shared with everyone or will these facts stay in the minds and hands of the people in charge?

As a holistic practitioner, I've already been relegated to a community of woo-woo folks. Vilified for being against forced vaccinations, labelled all kinds of negative things, and now I suppose I will be included in the conspiracy theorist group too! The irony, is that none of it bothers me because my normal is to be self-isolated and to deflect the labels that others want to assign to me.


I know that God has directed me to be exactly where I am at this moment. He has ensured that I have every single tool I need to navigate these rough waters, but my faith is strong. It's times like this when people who are not yet certain of what their faith actually is, are quick to project their fears onto God. After all, how could a loving god allow such a horrible monster to be released?

If you are one of the millions of people who are feeling uncertainty and fear as a result of this viral outbreak, yet you thought of yourself as Spiritual, does that mean your faith is not nearly as strong as it should be? Ask yourself: Does fear negate faith or strengthen it?

If God is creation itself, and if everything that God creates is perfect, how could you argue against the idea that God did, in fact, create this virus?

Fear causes the mind's process to solidify the walls of protection that it created. Fear is the bogeyman that you have yet to face; the mind file you have yet to resolve.

If you had any doubts as to who or what you believe God is, then your faith will be challenged by this viral outbreak - and that's a good thing! It's an opportunity to resolve that mind file once and for all!

I believe it's times like these that help us to discover for ourselves who and what God is to us. Will we either find solace in our faith and maintain a positive relationship with God, or we will allow the fears of other human beings to cause us to doubt our faith and to question God.


1. Calm the chatter in your mind through meditation. Breathe deeply and focus on your breath. Whenever your mind's process starts to run, intentionally focus your mind toward your breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Do this as often as you need to throughout the day.

2. Get outside! Go for a walk and take in fresh air and sunshine. Breathe deeply while you are outside and remind yourself that nature always resets itself.

3. Eat as cleanly as possible to give your body everything it needs to deal with any virus it might encounter. Take extra Vitamin C, D & E, drink plenty of pure water, and be sure to eat quality protein (preferably meat) at least once per day.

Connect with your Spirit, who in turn is connected to the Great Spirit. Ask God to guide you to where you need to be. Remind yourself that you are Divinely Guided and Protected at all times.

Remind yourself:

I trust my intuition that I know is my Spirit's voice.

I am not afraid.

I love myself so I feed myself the cleanest foods I can find.

I trust my immune system.

I have no doubts, and I know this too shall pass.

I know that God IS with me and I know He is with you as well!


© 2020 Penny Hodgson. All Rights Reserved.

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