Everyone Has Regrets

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Remember the line in Frank Sinatra's My Way? Regrets......I've had a few.......That's the thing. Everyone has regrets. To deny this fact is to willingly participate in a delusion - which of course, is your right, but it won't allow you to move forward in life.

I don't know about you, but I can easily recall several circumstances where I wished I would have had the courage to say what I was thinking but didn't for fear that I would offend someone, or lose my job, or suffer some other unimaginable consequence. Some of those Mind Files are still referenced by my mind's process today because I have yet to resolve them at an emotional and Spiritual level. I've definitely worked through the intellectual how's and why's of those files, but I have't genuinely forgiven the people whose comments put me in a situation where I had to choose my response. Without this step, which requires a collaboration with an objective opinion as well as Divine Intelligence, the Mind File that describes the situation (or the root cause of the regret) will continue to influence my future actions.

While it's true that we always have the choice to choose how we will respond to human interaction, until one has completely reSOLVED their own Mind Files, their personal history will repeat itself. It's how the mind's process works. The mind's process must use something as a reference in order to understand. Without the reference there is no understanding. One cannot reason without data, so if there's no data, which is the reference or the Mind File, analysis is impossible.

No one reflects on their past without wishing some things had turned out differently because no one's life is without adversity, challenge or strife. This is precisely why people choose not to reflect! Everyone has experienced emotional pain and to reflect is to recall, and to recall is to experience it all over again. In most cases, experiencing something painful once is more than enough. After all, genuine masochists are rare creatures.

The desire to only have positive experiences is a consequence of an unbalanced life path. One who perceives the years leading up to their present as primarily negative or difficult, will not only do what they can to prevent their own children from having to face those same challenges, they will themselves do everything in their power to avoid repeating perceived past hurts. Denying the existence of and refusing to resolve those past hurts actually has the opposite effect and propagates the dysfunction.

If our parents or other prominent authority figures in our lives were reluctant to reflect on their life with a high degree of objectivity and honesty, and work toward resolving their regrets holistically (intellectually, emotionally and Spiritually), how could we learn the importance of this existential exercise?

Simply admitting to a regret does not resolve it. You must endeavour to intellectually understand how the regret was formed (determine the root cause), emotionally work through the pain attached to the Mind File (honouring the child within), and open yourself to receiving a higher understanding - a personal Spiritual truth about that experience - if you are to genuinely and consciously resolve the regret and avoid a future similar experience.

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