Eating Is An Act of Self-Nurturing

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Everyone has to eat. Every day we are learning more about how food specifically interacts with the cells in our body. Despite these exciting advances in science, the one thing that hasn't changed and that everyone can agree upon, is that we need food to survive.

There are numerous mind files stored in the filing cabinets of your mind that have to do with food. Taking in food is how we nurture ourselves, and like all actions, the motivation behind them can originate in either the LOVE cabinet or the FEAR cabinet. Sometimes, we think our mind's process is referencing files from our LOVE cabinet when it's actually referencing FEAR files.

To help you get started on reassessing the food files in the filing cabinets of your mind, carefully consider the following conclusions, then write in your Mind Files journal whatever comes to your thoughts first. Be completely honest with yourself!

1. I love to eat because it makes me feel good.

2. Even though I know that my favourite foods aren't the best for me, I eat them because I'm worth it!

3. I don't put much stock in all the organic nonsense because if the chemicals were really bad for me, someone would put a stop to it!

4. I can't enjoy food if I have to think about every morsel I put in my mouth.

5. I do what I can to learn which foods are best for my body and eat those foods as often as possible.

6. Eating healthy costs too much.

7. I am grateful for every meal.

8. I look forward to eating every meal.

9. I eat the foods I believe will keep me thin.

10. I eat what I can afford.

11. I allow myself to have treats every so often, because I am worth it!

12. I prefer to go out to eat.

13. I don't like to cook.

14. The foods I eat give me lots of energy.

15. I feel satisfied after every meal.

16. I eat when I'm hungry.

17. I listen to the signals my body gives me after every meal.

18. I love myself, so I do the best I can to provide the foods that work the best in body because I know that this is how I maintain optimum health!

Eating is an act of self-nurture. Along with exercise, self-reflection, meditation, creativity, fun, sex, and social connection, eating is one of the ways you look after yourself. Don't you think the act of eating warrants careful consideration?

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