Do You Know or No?

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We like to know stuff and we like to think that we're the only one who does know certain stuff, but sometimes what we think we know, we only think we know.

The warrior mentality always takes an us versus them stance. It doesn't matter how you apply the warrior mentality -

- fighting disease or infection in your body

- fighting the system (however you define the system & that is a broad category!)

- fighting against poverty

- fighting against abuse

- fighting against ignorance

- fighting against racism

- fighting against tyranny

- fighting against ______________

I'm seriously passionate about sharing what I've learned. So much so, that I can easily find myself fighting against ignorance - meaning, I get caught up in trying to convince someone of something they simply are not willing to hear or accept. I know that I have the heart of a warrior, and I also know how easily that can move from a place of light to darkness very quickly. When I catch myself in the darkness - which is fear based - I immediately pull back and ask myself: what are you afraid of? In the most recent battle, I was afraid for the people I've met over the years - friends and acquaintances - who simply don't see things the way I see them when it comes to health. I wanted them to know that they don't have to be afraid of viruses and that a vaccine is not the only answer because their body knows exactly what to do with viral invaders if it's given the proper tools to defend itself.

My health is important to me. So much so, that I've spent years learning how my whole body works and that knowledge has given me power. I know that my body has the capacity to defend itself against bacterial and viral threats, so I don't depend on anyone to find a solution for me - I already have the solution for me.

I have learned to respect my body for the miracle that it is! I love my body and when it appears as though someone or something could threaten that - the warrior in me surfaces and I can assure you - it's a fierce one!

There is good and bad in all things - including personality traits. In this sense, every single one of them is ambiguous. The warrior in me - which was programmed into my very being by God - at times, was completely coming from a place of darkness. I held a lot of resentment toward men who had harmed me, and this resentment caused me to fight against many others (including women) who had nothing to do with the few men who had inflicted harm. It wasn't until I genuinely forgave those men (which required Divine Intervention) - the doctors who performed needless and experimental surgeries, the family member who molested me as a child and the rapist who forced himself on me when I was only 13 years old - that I was able to reign my warrior in. My physical body had been attacked, but the blessing out of all of this tragedy, was that I learned the value of my body.

My physical body had been attacked, but the blessing out of all of this tragedy, was that I learned the value of my body.

Nothing happens by accident. My Spiritual curriculum had been laid out before I incarnated into this life, and God made sure that I was given everything I need to complete it.

I was driven to understand how and why all this happened. I studied psychology and philosophy so that I could begin to understand the motives behind the actions of the men who attacked my body. I was driven to understand how my body worked so I could understand how to look after it properly. There were consequences to the trauma - both physically and emotionally of all the things that happened to my body. My body was in desperate need of healing.

Eventually, I learned that my body - in fact ALL bodies - was capable of healing far beyond anything any of us has been led to believe and I wanted everyone to know this! I wanted everyone to have the same level of freedom that I do.

Now, you might be thinking - good for you, but what about the science? Science has become a weapon of control. Science is all about questioning things. Nothing is absolute in science, yet, there is a branch of science that is spending literally millions of dollars to convince you otherwise.

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to your body, that is personal power. When you know it - and I mean know it - no questions - no doubts whatsoever - when you know it you are no longer a slave to anyone. You own your body, you know how to look after it properly, and you have health.

Knowledge and faith go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other, but you can't obtain either without searching for it! You have to ask questions. You have to make it your business to learn about it - not just blindly accept someone else's version of the truth - dive in and discover the truth for yourself!

There is, inside every living being, a guidance system - separate from your thought process -that alerts you when truth is present. You can't explain this guidance system scientifically because you can't put it under a microscope and see it - but it exists and within it is truth.

Regardless of what level of schooling you reached, or the marks you earned, you have the capacity to learn the truth. You do. And this gives you power. Personal power. Knowledge is power. Seek it. Own it.

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