Destiny, Fate & Free Will

Have you heard the phrase 'if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans'? Everyone wants to believe that they are in full control of their lives and that's partly true, but there are parts of life that you cannot and were never intended to control. Every choice that you make not only causes a ripple effect in your own personal life, it also contributes to the ever-changing global dynamic that all people currently exist in, for we are all connected through our personal energy.

At the exact moment of your birth, your life path was written in the stars. Every challenge you would have to learn how to overcome, every significant relationship you would find yourself in (both personal and work-related), every talent you could develop and every natural ability you came to this life with. Every inclination you would have as well as every aspect in this life that you would reject. The highest personal potential you could possibly achieve was written in detail in your personal astrological map. The information on that map isn't written in plain English, it's written symbolically, so you'll need to find a decoder - a map reader well versed in symbolism to unlock the messages contained within. You could certainly try to read it on your own, but your mind's process can only reference the mind files that you have created, so you will not interpret the map objectively, you'll reinforce the rigid perspectives that are already present.

Astrology is considered an occult, and any and all things to do with the occult has successfully been vilified by those who enjoy power and control over others. There are many ways to unlock the hidden treasures that are intended to be found on your life path. Astrology is only one of them.

I've always been a huge fan of Carl Jung, and years ago when I went back to school, while I was completing an assignment on his Synchronicity thesis, I was reminded that he used astrological birth charts in his practice. As a younger person I had been swayed by academia and dismissed birth chart analysis as trivial and pointless, but at this point in my life, as an adult, I was intrigued. So, I began studying the art of astrological map reading, but I was so taken aback by my findings that I abandoned further study for quite a long time. The accuracy of my own past along with several other analyses of my friend's charts completely freaked me out! Eventually, when the time was right, I returned to the study and delved deeper into the world of psychological astrology.

It doesn't matter what you use to help you understand and navigate through life - organized religion, a Spiritual practice, or one or more branches of the occult - you need guidance because life can be confusing and disorienting. Painful personal experiences cloud your judgement and negatively impact your present.

Each house in the zodiac contains information that will help you understand your past and your current circumstances. If there are planets within a house, the energy of that planet will make itself known in your life. Aspects between the planets and houses spell out the challenges your Spirit was intended to learn how to overcome. Some aspects are helpful, while others...... not so much.

If you have wandered off your life's path and are struggling in this life - you have choice. Find a navigator that makes sense to you and work with them to get back on track. Our path is written in our destiny, and some encounters are fated, but we always have free will - choice - so our life is always of our own making.

© 2020 Penny Hodgson. All Rights Reserved.

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