Denial Disguised & Sold

I've been trying to understand what went wrong. How could a Spiritually themed movement whose intention was good - to teach people that everyone had a purpose, that everyone belonged, and that God (however you chose to understand Him) loved you - how could this positive thing gone on to do more damage than good?

We see what we want to see and we hear what we want to hear.

Obviously, the simple answer is that we see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear, but I am, and have always been, a seeker of the truth. I wanted the real answer and real answers are never that easy to find. So, I sought out to learn what happened. I prayed a lot and eventually I was reminded that the words of many prophets have been misunderstood, distorted and sold as truth.

The truth isn't always easy to hear, and you'll know when you hear a truth because your mind's process immediately goes into defence mode. It digs deep into your FEAR cabinet and quickly retrieves the file that deals with criticism. In a millisecond, your mind's process has reminded you of all the times that someone criticized you and belittled you and you are instantly offended. Multiple justifications present themselves to your consciousness and you stand your ground in defiance. After all, you are Divinely Guided and you have every right to do what you choose and to be whomever you want to be - right?

It is true that everyone has a purpose. It is true that everyone has access to Divine Guidance and it is true that our choices shape our life. It is true that the Universe gives us back exactly what we put out, and it is true that we are given everything we need at the right time. It is also true that our fears and our emotional wounds distort our perceptions, fooling us into thinking we know more than we actually do.

If changing your life was as easy as choosing happy thoughts there wouldn't be any miserable people in the world.

Deep emotional wounds don't heal on their own. All the positive thinking in the world is not going to heal those wounds. Positive thinking only opens the door to healing. On the other side of that door is a long and difficult journey. The road has many forks. Each time you arrive at one, you will have to choose to go either left or right. Both roads will teach you exactly what you need to know and you will eventually find your way back to the main road. You will encounter, without looking too hard, guides, teachers, and healers as well as fools, thieves, and liars. They are all dressed in the same clothes, so you cannot rely on appearances.

You have an internal guidance system that will never lead you astray. Connect with it and learn to trust it. Your Spirit chose a life path and the map was written in the stars the moment you were born. When you're ready, you will be gently guided to a map reader. A guide who will help you understand where you have already been, and where you were intended to go. You will not connect with anyone you were not intended to connect with - and that includes the fools, thieves and liars.

It's important to understand that not all people reach their potential. While it's true that everyone has a purpose, it's also true that the majority of people never figure theirs out. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Free will is ours to have and it absolutely is a gift! Choose wisely. When in doubt - don't choose at all. Wait. Pray. Everything you need will come to you at the right time.

© 2019 Penny Hodgson. All Rights Reserved.

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