Credibility Is In The Eye of The Beholder

Do you remember a time when you trusted yourself to discern whether information was valuable to you or not? Can you recall a time when you tuned in to your gut instinct to make a decision? I bet that was many years ago, long before systems and institutions sold you the idea of credibility.

I was speaking with someone the other day about new programs I have coming up in the fall, and the issue of credibility came up. I'm not sure why, but in that instant, I felt the exhaustion of decades of effort of 'proving my worth' to others and an old #MindFile that I thought had been resolved began to play.

While my intellectual mind now understands that the issue of credibility has nothing to do with knowledge, wisdom or education for that matter, I realized in that moment that my emotional understanding was not where I thought it was and emotions trump intellect.

At the core of credibility is self-worth, and for the majority of my life, I had none. Battered down by people who had no self-worth of their own, and who saw my 'disability' as either something to pity or ridicule, I wasted many years trying to prove my worth to people who were incapable of seeing it. It took years and years and years of counselling, studying, reading, self-reflection and spiritual practice to learn the truth of my own value. The process of regaining my self-worth taught me the how's and the why's behind not only the loss of my own self-worth, but also how others lose theirs.

For the people who bought their credibility from an institution, those who did not will never be credible regardless of their wisdom.

Wisdom is rarely learned in school. It is something that is gained through maturity and experience, which is why for thousands of years, the elders of a tribe or of a community were who the people turned to when in doubt or in need of guidance. Then, over the last 100 years or so, the business of education came into play. Those who can afford to pay the ridiculously high tuition that many colleges and universities charge are rewarded with high paying jobs, and those who attend community colleges or trade schools are allowed to earn a middle-class living. The uneducated, who are considered less than and undeserving of, are relegated to servant positions and earn considerably lower wages contributing to poorer mental and physiological health. For the people who bought their credibility from an institution, those who did not will never be credible regardless of their wisdom.

A couple of years ago, I took my Mind Files program out to a variety of trade shows hoping to provide some hope, relief and tools to people who were suffering from emotional trauma. In the second show, I met a woman who made no attempt to hide her disdain toward me and every other person out there without what she considered to be credible certification, who dared to think they could possibly be qualified to help others. At the time, I didn't understand where the intense animosity was coming from, but after attending several shows and speaking with multiple types of life coaches, spirit guides, Reiki Masters, and other 'healers' I did.

It's true, there are many life coaches, wellness coaches, and whatever other kind of [creative word] coach one can think of out there who are projecting their unresolved traumas onto others, but there are equally as many graduates holding various degrees who are as well. Education does not guarantee maturity, wisdom, ethics, morals, or even common sense for that matter. There are all kinds of 'qualified' health professionals - nurses, counsellors, therapists, and doctors out there who inflict more damage than they do good, but the system that indoctrinated them protects them and vilifies those who obtained their knowledge outside of the system.

Credibility is like beauty - it's in the eye of the beholder. Learn to trust yourself over the system for the system seeks only to hold on to and increase its power over you. The system subjugates and enslaves. Your intuition - your gut instinct - your 6th sense comes from God and cannot be corrupted. It empowers and strengthens you. It will alert you to scammers, liars, thieves, and others who could inflict harm on you. It is the only credible source you can trust 100% of the time.

© 2020 Penny Hodgson All Rights Reserved

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