Choices, Responses & The Reality of It All

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You can't control (fill in the blank here), but you can control how you respond......or can you?

Human emotions are messy. They are what they are at the time they are, and they aren't right or wrong - they just are. And that makes people uncomfortable. No one likes to feel angry or sad or hurt so no one wants to see anyone else feeling those feelings either.

Happiness isn't a choice.

Happiness isn't a choice. It's a state of being that you eventually get to once you understand what it is that is causing you to be unhappy more often than happy. Your mind's process works how it works and it will continue to work the way it has always worked until you take charge of it and reprogram it.

You can pretend you're not feeling whatever negative feeling you are experiencing. You can force yourself to stuff it. Ignore it. Refuse to accept it and move on. But that will only prolong your suffering, and eventually, all that stuffed suffering will build up to the point where you can't contain it any longer, and you will become physiologically sick.

High Blood Pressure, Digestive problems, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid problems, Diabetes, Cardiovascular events...cancer...... the list goes on and on.

It's true. You can force yourself to deny your true feelings, tell yourself that what you're feeling doesn't really matter; that it's clearly you exaggerating circumstances or blaming others and you certainly shouldn't be doing that!! You can tell yourself that you must be misinterpreting the actions of others, that you must be doing something wrong..... OR you can choose to heal yourself completely and live out the rest of your life without having to take a handful of expensive prescription medications every day.


You didn't get to wherever it is you are in your life's journey in a day, so you aren't going to change directions in a day either. Changing your life is a process. It's a one step at a time process, but it absolutely IS doable and that......that is your choice.

1. Get in touch with your real feelings. Get yourself a notebook, or a binder with loose leaf paper, or a journal and start writing down your feelings. This exercise does more than just get the yuck out - it will help you see patterns. It will help you to learn what your triggers are and it will help you make better choices going forward. Feelings aren't right or wrong - they are natural reactions to external stimuli.

Your mind's process works just like a computer. It references the past to help you understand what you are currently experiencing, so the only way to change how you respond to what is going on around it is to heal whatever it was in your past that created the mind file that is being referenced. If you don't do this step - you are stuffing and stuffing is denial and denial is not a recommended practice.

2. Determine your patterns. Everyone has patterns. Your patterns are written down in the files in the filing cabinets of your mind, so figure out which cabinet your mind's process is going to more often - your FEAR cabinet or your LOVE cabinet. If you're reading this - there is a high probability that your mind's process is referencing files in your FEAR cabinet most of the time. That's ok because this is true for most people.

That's OK because this is true for most people.

3. Review your mind files at your current level of understanding. Your mind's process began collecting mind files from the time you took your first breath! The majority of files that are being referenced on a daily basis were created when you were a small child. Review them now as an adult. Chances are, you will see the information contained in that mind file differently and be able to reSOLVE it.

If you're really serious about intentionally and mindfully changing your life, start with these three steps and repeat them every single day. Slowly but surely you will begin to feel better and your mind's process will learn to look inside your LOVE cabinet more often.

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