Anxiety, Gratitude & Authentic Living

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How exactly does a person let go and let God?

Behind every stressful thought, every anxious heartbeat, and every worry is fear. Fear multiplies quickly and it will continue to grow until it is conquered through genuine heart-felt love, and the only way to experience genuine heart-felt love is through a personal relationship with God - however you choose to understand him.


What is anxiety? Ultimately, anxiety starts out as one mind file that gets filed in your FEAR cabinet. As your FEAR cabinet fills up, the level of anxiety you feel increases and will continue to increase until the files are resolved.

The root cause behind your anxiety is found in the files in the filing cabinets of your mind. It is unique to you, because while people have similar experiences, each individual's mind's process forms it's own conclusions. Remember, we can only see through our own eyes because our mind's process can't reference anyone else's mind files. Hearing how other people resolved their FEAR files can help you figure out how to resolve your own, but the actual resolution, which comes through Divine Guidance, will only make sense to you.

Apprehension, mistrust and panic are all signs of anxiety, although the path to each one might have taken a different road. For example, one person might feel apprehensive when faced with learning a new task, while another might experience apprehension meeting new people. A person who is a quick learner might not be as quick making new friends and vice versa.

One person might feel panic when they can't come up with an answer to a question, while another won't feel panicked unless their life is threatened.

Everyone experiences negative feelings, but people with anxiety are imprisoned by them.


Genuine gratitude is impossible without heart-felt forgiveness. It's a truth that most folks are reluctant to say out loud, but it's true. Genuine gratitude, like forgiveness, is a product of Divine Intervention. A person is not able to achieve genuine forgiveness and gratitude without first engaging in a personal relationship with God - however you choose to understand Him/Her/It. If you think you are practising gratitude without having God in your life, you are only fooling yourself.

It's not possible to completely recover from emotional trauma through scientific means alone. The mind's process is not capable of genuine forgiveness. The mind's process is all about intellect. Analysis. Comparison. Judgement. That is it's function and that's why it's not capable of genuine forgiveness.


Healing requires full and complete resolution of the mind files that are stored in your FEAR cabinet. This is a process that for most, takes decades. A person can only resolve one file at a time, and one file alone can take 10 years to resolve. There are hundreds of thousands of mind files in the filing cabinets of your mind, so let go of the idea of 5 or 10 steps to healing right now! Buckle up because healing takes time and practice and living authentically requires healing!

The path to living authentically goes something like this:

1 - Recognition of a problematic mind file - a rigid perspective - and accepting responsibility for it

2 - Understanding the truth behind the rigid perspective. This takes Divine Intervention.

3 - Forgiving the person(s) involved. This requires a personal relationship with God.

4 - Learning to see similar situations through a new filter. This requires the willingness to be open to learning new things.

5 - Creating a positive rigid perspective, which means reprogramming your mind's process to think differently.

6 - Putting the new thought process and the new rigid perspective to the test.

7 - Achieving success

8 - Consciously retrieving that positive mind file thousands of times until this new way becomes unconscious.

As you can see, healing and living authentically isn't something that you can master in a short time period, and it's not possible without God.

All you have to do is be willing to embark on the healing journey. I promise you, once you do, Angels will find their way into your life and you will be healed!! Keep your eyes and your heart open to receive them!

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