Complacency & Chaos

Ambivalence becomes complacency and complacency eventually creates chaos.

Every living thing contributes to the whole. Every living thing has a purpose and when each living thing participates in life, everything unfolds exactly as it should and all of life is in balance.

There is a collective unrest right now and the consequences are increasing in intensity - moving toward a resolution that may very well be devastating for a lot of folks.

The idea of wellness is to maintain balance in all things, but it's not possible for all of life to be balanced at the same time - all of the time. Sometimes, the collective pendulum swings to the left and the everyone has to work together to bring it back to center. Other times the pendulum swings to the right and everyone again has to work together to bring it back to center. Regardless of which way the pendulum swings, it literally takes a community of people, with their combined thoughts, analysis and efforts to bring that pendulum back to the middle. In a sense, life provides each person with a choice: choose to work together or accept what others choose for you.

Lately, there has been an increased awareness in how we are collectively governed and how the choices of a few negatively impact many. When the pendulum sits in middle ground, the collective are mostly content, but when it swings too far left or too far right, more people are negatively impacted creating mass unrest. If this unrest goes on too long the collective divides creating a huge canyon between the two groups - those who feel more comfortable on the left versus those who feel more comfortable on the right.

The desire for each person in each group to have their voices heard grows and if anyone feels neglected or dismissed altogether, their desire to be heard becomes distorted in their mind's process, intensifying negatively charged personality traits and behavior patterns. The files in their FEAR cabinet become thicker; their already rigid perspectives become more concrete and their willingness to bend or be open to other perspectives becomes impossible.

War with their perceived enemies is inevitable.

Balance requires personal cooperation and faith in the complexities of how the universe works - faith in God's plan.

It doesn't make sense for a person to think that their voice is any greater than anyone else's - yet that is precisely how the majority of people behave. The people who feel the most comfortable on the left want their choices to rule everyone while the people who feel the most comfortable on the right want their choices to rule. So, how do we achieve balance? One person at a time.

We cannot look at the collective without understanding that the collective is made up of single entities. Each person must then be willing to re-evaluate their own belief systems and reassess them at their current level of understanding. Each person must do their part.

We are the pendulum. Each and every one of us, so if the pendulum is swinging too far left, then those on the right have given their power away to those on the left and vice versa.

Balance of the whole depends upon each person doing their part. Quit giving away your personal power to others! Be willing to accept responsibility for yourself. Choose today to be the day you participate and cooperate.

© 2019 Penny Hodgson. All rights reserved

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