New Year New You!

Today is the first day of a new year and an opportunity to make positive changes in your life!


How many times have you swore to yourself that this would be the year that you would stick to your New Year's resolutions but couldn't stick it out? Did you berate yourself for failing, or did you convince yourself that it was a silly resolution anyway so it didn't really matter?

Resolutions don't stick because the mind's process is not a fan of change. It likes the way things are because it knows which files to reference and it will do it's best to keep you from moving forward because there is no reference for the unknown. The mind's process is a creature of habit because that is safe. To experience life as it comes - in the moment - is scary for the mind's process because the mind's process has worked for so many years to keep you safe from harm that it has forgotten the thrill of discovery.


Instead of making a statement like this year I'm going to lose weight, or quit smoking, or exercise more, ask yourself why this year and why you haven't yet been able to lose the weight or quit smoking or exercise more before. In asking the question, your mind's process digs out the file that relates to that question and reminds you of what it is that is holding you back.

I smoked cigarettes for nearly 40 years before I finally quit for good. Of course, quitting smoking was a New Year's resolution lots of times, but I never made it more than a day without a cigarette. When I was ready to hear the answer, I asked myself in earnest why I couldn't quit smoking. I learned that my mind's process rarely looked inside my LOVE cabinet, so when it did, it was going to take a lot of effort to train it not to go there anymore. There was a file in my LOVE cabinet that had numerous conclusions relating to smoking that said: a) I feel better when I have a cigarette b) It's the only friend I have c) I don't have any other vices and a whole lot of other excuses. Now, of course, my intellectual mind was aware that smoking wasn't good for me, and that there was plenty of valid data that proved it had the potential to make me really sick, but I wasn't really ready to give it up.


The word new holds a lot of power for most folks and that's why New Year's Eve is such a big celebration. In reality, every single day of the year is a new day and an opportunity to change, but there isn't as much intensity attached to new day as a new year. New year implies to the mind's process that you have lots of time to put changes into effect, whereas one day appears to the mind to be too short of time. If the mind's process feels a threat, it locks down, but if it thinks it has lots of time, it relaxes a bit.

Every person really does have the opportunity to learn how to make better choices for themselves which in turn will create a better life experience. No one is stuck in any situation - ever. Every day is an opportunity to make your life be what you want it to be, but you have to believe you are worth the effort before you will work towards positive change. It takes a great deal of effort to consciously and mindfully take control of your mind's process, and it's a team effort. You can't do it alone - you will need help - both from other people and from God.

Make this year the year of you. Learn who you really are. Ask questions of yourself and above all, be honest with yourself. If you don't already have a Spiritual practice, ask yourself why. Is it possible to change how you understand God? Is it possible that the files in the filing cabinets of your mind contain conclusions that have been distorted by your mind's process? Is holding on to your anger and your ideas worth the sacrifice of a happy and content life?

Today is January 1, 2019! Choose today to be willing to open the files in the filing cabinets of your mind. Choose today to make a commitment to yourself to heal your past so you can live in the present.

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