Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas Day! The Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus. The story of Jesus tells us that the virgin mother Mary was chosen by God to give birth to the son of God. Now, whether you believe in immaculate conception or not, it is the meaning behind the virgin birth that matters to each and every one of us, regardless of our religious beliefs.

Symbolically, the virgin birth represents the birth of a child of God untouched by man. Untouched by man from a spiritual perspective means the thoughts and beliefs of man no longer has any influence over the child. What is left is a perfect child of God - as we ALL are! As we come to understand our own perfection, we can then understand the perfection of all of God's creations from a completely unbiased perspective.

Jesus learned the truth of God's love, and he taught that we all have the opportunity to live peace and joy, and that the key to living in peace and joy is forgiveness. Forgiveness, like love, is not an intellectual practice. Forgiveness is a feeling that comes through your heart to the heart of the person you believe harmed you in some way. The place you feel forgiveness is the very place that houses the light of God in our being. It is where our Spirit resides - within our heart.

True forgiveness is impossible without Divine Intervention, because true forgiveness is much more than words that form the sentence that says: I forgive you. True forgiveness happens when your Spirit reconnects with the Holy Spirit, and in order to do that, you must be willing to let go of all of the conclusions your mind arrived at and filed away in the filing cabinets of your mind. True forgiveness is only possible when you allow the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to enter your mind and purify your thoughts. When the Holy Spirit has purified your thoughts, your perspective is cleansed and now untouched by man.

The spirit of Christmas is about love, and without forgiveness, there is no love. The tradition of Christmas includes the exchange of gifts between friends and family, and sometimes giving gifts to people in need. There is a joy that you feel in your heart when you give someone a gift, and you can see with your own eyes the joy that person feels from receiving that gift. You feel the same kind of joy when you receive a gift. In reality, the feeling that you are experiencing when giving and receiving is one of recognition and acceptance. Your mind arrives at a conclusion that tells you that you are loved. From a Spiritual perspective, the gift of recognition of a fellow child of God is meant to be shared every day.

The only way to share that gift with others, is to first give that gift to yourself. You can't give something away unless you own it first. You must learn to accept and love your own self unconditionally before you can accept and love another unconditionally. Loving yourself unconditionally has nothing to do with the reflection you see in the mirror, it means that you accept responsibility for you. For all of your actions - the good, the bad and the ugly, and no one is without the bad and ugly because we are all human beings.

When you have gone through the filing cabinets of your mind, looked at every conclusion you formed in every file, confessed to all of things you said or did that hurt others, asked God to help you understand the truth of those experiences and heal your heart, you will find unconditional love. When you ask God to show you the truth, and when you are ready to receive that truth, be assured that God will answer your prayer. When you have truly forgiven yourself and all the people that you believe hurt you, all that remains in the filing cabinets of your mind, are the LOVE files, and you will know the spirit of Christmas every day.

Today, as you celebrate Christmas, remember that you are a perfect child of God and know that God recognizes and loves you exactly as you are every day.

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