The Idea of Suffering & Sacrifice

God does not expect you to prove your worthiness to him by allowing yourself to suffer or worse yet - to sacrifice yourself. God does not expect you to do anything. The Divine Energy that is named God only wishes that you would see yourself for your own greatness and become who you were meant to be.


The moment our Spirit left the vast unknown that is the Power of Creation, we separated from knowing belonging. Belief systems have used different phrases to try to explain this separation - the most common phrase being: 'The Fall from Heaven". When we were with God, attached to the core, we knew that we were a part of all that is, a part of God, and we didn't doubt for one microsecond that we were worthy of being there. We knew that God accepted us exactly as we are, and that we didn't have to do anything special in order to stay there. We existed in the same space as God and we knew that everything was exactly as it was supposed to be! Life was good. Comfortable. Joyful. We didn't have to do anything. We just hung out with God and we were content. Then, we wanted to experience life and learn things, so we chose to leave the comfort of all that is, and we took a human form.

Picture in your mind a living, breathing, glowing sphere. A powerful light force resides at the center (or core) of this sphere and emits a pure white energy that radiates to all that surrounds it. One day, this living sphere explodes into a gazillion pieces, but the core stays intact and continues to emit the pure white light. Each little piece of that original sphere is still a part of the sphere, even though it might be far away from the core. Each little piece of that living sphere is still a living thing - it's just thinks its temporarily on its own. The core is still the powerful light force that it was when all the pieces of the sphere surrounded it, and each little piece is still a part of that big sphere, it's just spread out.

The closer each little piece is to the core and to the pure loving energy, the safer it feels. The pieces that were flung the furthest away from the core feel the most afraid. Some of the pieces become afraid because they think they are all alone in this huge vast unknown, and are no longer a part of the big sphere. These little pieces that feel afraid start to move towards other little pieces that feel afraid, gathering together to try to form their own sphere so they will feel safe again, but without the pure white and loving energy of the main core, they quickly learn that fear won't hold them together. Their fear grows even bigger and they begin to fight with one another. Other pieces realize right away that there is nothing to fear, and that even though they are far away from the core, they are still a part of the big sphere. These pieces understood immediately that they will always be a part of the bigger sphere and have been given exactly what they wanted. They now have an opportunity to experience life on their own.


Each of us has been given the gift of life, and we are meant to learn and grow from our experiences. We all came from the same place, and we will all go back to that place when our human form dies. We are given everything we need to navigate the particular life we have chosen to experience, and we are always connected to the pure white energy that some have named God. Any time we need guidance or help, all we need to do is look within our own form, find our own piece of light, and connect.

Life is full of challenges, and it is meant to be that way! We learn from our experiences - both pleasant and unpleasant. If we didn’t experience contrast, how would we know what we liked and didn't like?

When our Spirit takes human form, it also takes on human traits such as jealousy, anger and hate, but it can also choose to accept, forgive and love. The process of learning requires analysis, so the human mind developed to perform this task. The mind perceives what is going on around it and forms a conclusion based on the intellectual understanding - the data - it has at the time of the experience. When a person is old enough to assign a feeling to an experience, the feeling is attached to the conclusion, and a perspective is born. The mind uses past information to process every new minute of every new day.

Suffering and sacrifice are human concepts that were born from the emotion of fear that exists in human experiences. Our Spirits need form in order to experience life, and a body is form. An ant is form. A tree is form. A river is form. A bird is form. A bear is form. If a Spirit is ready to take human form, it has chosen to learn rather than just exist or react based on instinct alone. Learning is a gift, and this gift is given to Spirits who are ready and willing to learn.

Human beings were given the ability to think and process. A living, breathing computer that we have named the brain collects data and processes it. It collects information through human senses - sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. When a person reaches the point of learning where they know and feel the connection from their own inner light - their Spirit - with the light of the main core - God - the idea of suffering and sacrifice no longer exists. Instead, an understanding takes its place.

No one has to prove their worthiness to God. The idea of worthiness is also a human concept that was born from the human emotion of fear. God knows exactly who and what you are! You don't need to prove anything to God. God doesn't even know fear is! The safety, contentedness, joy, happiness…..whatever it is you seek is already inside you. Find your own light and connect with it.

© 2017 Penny Hodgson. All rights reserved.

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