When you aren’t feeling well, you seek help from an appropriate ‘expert’. Help is an important word here, because you aren’t asking for someone to take over your life, you aren’t asking for someone to dictate what you ‘should’ do, and you aren’t asking for someone to babysit your emotions for months or years, you are asking for help. Advice. You are asking someone to give you their opinion based on their personal expertise.

Expertise means that a person has spent considerable time studying a particular field, and that’s it. It is their accumulated knowledge based on their study, from their perspective. Experts who are aware that this is their function will never tell you what you should do, they will give you their opinion and then ask you what you want to do. They are respectful of your opinion about yourself, and they already know that what you decide to do has nothing to do with them. People who respect themselves offer respect to others, so if the expert you are dealing with is more intent on telling you rather than helping you – you might want to find a different expert.

People get into the business of helping others because they want to help others, but if they haven’t helped themselves first, they can’t really help anyone else.

Health practitioners that try to convince you to sign up for multiple treatments, or refuse to suggest other kinds of health treatments when their treatment isn’t working the way it should are not helping you nearly as much as they are helping themselves. The odds are, they don’t even realize that they are serving themselves more than you, because they’ve justified their actions over and over in their own minds.

No two people are going to respond the same way to any kind of treatment – regardless of what it is – so if any health practitioner is telling you something that doesn’t make sense to you, then it is well within your rights to seek a different opinion. IF you aren’t getting better, or progressing in the way you think you should be, try a different therapist or doctor. All kinds of nice people are in the business of helping others, but if you’re not being helped you need to see someone else.

What are the warning signs? • You are asked to commit financially to several treatments up front • You are only given one option – and that is their option • You feel as though you are being sold something • You have a feeling that something isn’t quite what it seems • You have a feeling that you should find a different health practitioner

No one knows you better than you! Listen to your inner guidance and follow its direction. Don’t allow other people – regardless of their profession – to coerce you, or convince you to do something you don’t feel is right for you. Always trust your inner guidance – your gut feeling. That’s your Spirit watching out for you.

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