What exactly is a Spiritual journey? First, you must come to an understanding of what you think your Spirit is exactly. Is Spirit tangible or abstract? Is it something that you can use one of your five senses to understand? Can you touch it? Taste it? Can you grasp it with your fingers or hold it in your hands? Can you smell it? Can you see it? If you can’t do any of these things with your Spirit – how do you know it exists? Maybe you equate a Spiritual journey with doing ‘God’s work’. Terrific! What does that mean to you? Is Spirit and religion the same thing, or different? IS your Spirit different from the person you portray to the rest of the world? Take some time to really consider all these questions. It is important for you to get to a place where you are comfortable with your own definitions of who and what you are, rather than adopting someone else’s!

The biggest hurdle that holds people back from being who they really are is belief in one’s self. Belief in their own abilities, opinions, and intentions. Belief in one’s self, or confidence, comes mainly from accomplishment, but if you don’t recognize the accomplishments you have already made, or are too afraid to try things for fear of failing, how could you possibly gain confidence from accomplishment? I bet you have accomplished a lot more than you think you have, and I promise you that you are far more capable than you think you are. You might be reading this thinking – sure – that’s easy for you to say – but let me assure you – I had to embark on a long journey to the very core of my being to learn who I was and what I was really capable of too! I had to learn how to overcome the hurdles put on my path by a lot of folks who were either trying to protect me or deliberately trying to halt my progress. Some of these hurdles became walls I thought I would never be able to get over – but I did and you can too!

The Spiritual Journey is a means of learning who you truly are, and connecting with that authentic self. Whether you follow a specific religion or not doesn’t matter, because religion is just a tool designed to help people understand the power or force most people refer to as God. You might have a different name for this power. Higher Power, Creation, The Universe, The Force. The name you give to this power doesn’t matter nearly as much as the importance of reconnecting with it, and in order to do that, you must first remove all the obstacles, bricks of resentment, and walls that you have put up to protect you from being hurt. Together, we will learn the steps you need to take in order for you to understand why you think the way you do, and why you feel you need to protect yourself from others. You can’t change things about yourself unless you figure out what it is you need to change!

Another important thing to understand is, we are Spirits in a human body. The idea that embarking on a Spiritual journey means a person will never again be angry, fearful, jealous, bitter, resentful, or judgmental is completely unrealistic. Feelings are not right or wrong, they are what they are in one moment, and they change like the wind! Feelings are not sins, and God (or The Universe, or Creation, or your Higher Power) doesn’t punish anyone. Who in their right mind would engage in a relationship with someone or something that they had to fear? And let’s get another big obstacle about God - this Higher Power, Creation, The Universe – or whichever name you prefer out of the way. God (the name I prefer to use) does not DO anything to people. God is not responsible for the bad things that happen to people. People are. God is not a person. God is not tangible. There is no real quantifiable explanation for who or what this power is, but this power – God – absolutely exists.

We communicate with this power through our Spirit. Prayer is the word assigned to describe this communication, but the word ‘prayer’ means different things to different people. Some people think they have to pray a certain way, and that they have to use a certain kind of language when they are praying. Yup – another misconception. Communication with God happens whether we are conscious of it or not. Prayer is nothing more than a conversation with God, and believe me, God knows exactly who you are, how you think and speak, and He isn’t concerned with the language you use.

If you have found your way to this blog, I suspect you have reached a point in your life where you know something has to change, but you’re not sure exactly what or how to go about it. Let me help you figure it out!

Until next time – Know that you are part of something that is much bigger than you can imagine. Know that this power that created every living thing on this earth understands you. Know that you don’t need to be, do or try to be accepted by this power. Know that you are loved.

© 2017 Penny Hodgson. All rights reserved.

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