Bone Broth, Leaky Gut & You

Every week I speak with people who have been convinced beyond a reasonable doubt, that having a cup of bone broth a day is all they need to do to maintain their health, repair their leaky gut and make them healthy again. Most aren’t even sure what exactly a leaky gut is, or how it happens in a body, but they are certain they have it, and that drinking the bone broth will cure it.

Clever marketing, desperation to feel better, and the need for something easy to do contributes to this widespread idea. It is true that drinking bone broth made from the bones of free-range birds that have not been fed any grains that might be contaminated with pesticides or herbicides, or making broth from 100% grass-fed, certified organic beef bones will help your gut repair itself, BUT, and there is always a ‘but’ when it comes to the realities of nutrition therapy - bone broth is only ONE PIECE of the puzzle.

There are a lot of things to factor in when working to heal your gut – the first and major thing is understanding what caused it in the first place. Drinking bone broth and taking handfuls of supplements won’t help you at all if you continue to consume the very thing or things that caused the inflammation in your gut lining in the first place! Secondly, if you are using bones of birds or animals have been fed a steady diet of grains contaminated with harmful chemicals from herbicides and pesticides, the benefits you might have gained from simmering their bones for an entire day to get at that all important gelatin are now severely minimized.

If you, on a regular basis, consume pre-packaged foods made with genetically modified ingredients, the benefits of the bone broth are considerably reduced. If you drink pop, splurge on milk chocolate or other candies, or have any other products made with any kind of glucose-fructose, the benefits of the bone broth have been negated. If you eat produce that is not certified organic, or boxed, canned, or any prepared foods that contain ingredients that are not certified organic, the benefits of the bone broth are yet again ---reduced. If you drink wine that has been made with non-certified-organic grapes – you guessed it – the benefits of the bone broth are almost nil. Even if you make the bone broth from the highest quality bones and then eat foods contaminated with herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, flavor enhancers and a host of other synthetic chemicals, or drink beverages that have been made with contaminated fruit, the benefits you might have gained by consuming bone broth are pretty much cancelled out. By now I shouldn’t have to point out the detrimental effects if you do three or more of these things at the same time.

LEAKY GUT - What is leaky gut and what causes it?

Leaky gut – the name kind of explains it all. Your gut – or your digestive system – starts at your mouth and ends where you poop. In between, there are over 20 feet of intestines and several organs involved in your digestive system, that perform numerous processes so that your body has the fuel it needs to breathe, think and move you around. When you eat foods that your body either doesn’t like or can’t process properly, these foods irritate the lining of the intestinal tract which causes inflammation, and food particles eventually escape. The fact that particles escape is where the term 'leaky gut' came from. The most common irritants that most people consume are wheat, corn, soy, eggs, cows milk and products made from cow’s milk, but any food can be an irritant.

Foods are not the only culprits. Sometimes, waste products build up in your large intestine allowing bacteria to overgrow. Everyone has bacteria in their intestinal tract and we need a healthy balance of bacteria in order to maintain health, but like everything, there are good guys and bad guys, and the waste products from the bad bacteria build up can contribute to leaky gut.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A QUICK FIX In our high stress and fast-food culture, the idea that there is a quick fix is an appealing one. Literally thousands of health articles cite one or more natural ingredients that will quell one malady or another. The idea that all you have to do is just drink ginger tea, put turmeric in your non-dairy milk of choice and heat it up for a great tasting inflammation busting beverage, or swallow a little capsule filled with all natural herbs or made from whole foods and poof! - your leaky gut is well on its way to healing is not exactly the whole picture.

The thing is - the part that is left out from the majority of articles, advertisements, claims, memes, videos etc. so you aren’t deterred and give up before you even start, is you must not continue to consume whatever it is that is causing inflammation in your body if you want to heal your gut. One of the reasons why so many people get on the - 'all alternative or holistic methods are pseudo-science and without the all-mighty scientific proof' - is due to supposed miracle health claims touted by well-meaning, albeit misinformed health columnists who write articles that are presented without adequate information. It is important to understand that every person's body is biochemically different, so there is no possible way that one diet, one food, or one herbal remedy or supplement is the be all end all for anyone's health. Good health requires you support both your mind and body together, and live an authentic life, which supports your Spiritual path. If your thoughts are toxic, or you are living a lie, all the clean eating in the world will not prevent disease from forming in your body.


If your body has been taxed to the point of presenting with actual disease – you are going to have to be pretty darn diligent in what you eat if you want to see actual benefits. If you are just beginning to notice that you don’t have the energy you once did, or you are developing a lot of aches and pains that you didn’t have before, you might not need to be as diligent, but that all depends on how important your health is to you. Even if you have full blown disease - if your health isn’t important enough to you to give up the bread, desserts, wine, junk food and bad lifestyle habits – all the videos, articles, positive affirmations, will and desires in the world are not going to help you. The choice to get better is always yours, but once you choose, you must be prepared to take all the necessary steps if you hope to complete the process. When YOU are important to YOU - you won't need convincing!

Find a qualified health practitioner that you feel comfortable with, and allow them to help you help yourself!

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