Challenging Your Thought Process

Your thoughts create your reality.

You are what you think about.

Change your thoughts and change your life.

So..... if you think that you will win the lottery, and you picture yourself holding the winning ticket in your mind you should win the lottery right?! Fantastic! Has that worked for you? It certainly didn't work for me!

What about the perfect job? Have you sat very quietly and with the most positive intent that you could muster thought to yourself - I just want this or that and then I'll be happy at work! Maybe you saw a job posting and thought you had succeeded, and you changed jobs only to discover that you were in the same miserable situation that you wanted to escape from in the first place. You did everything right and still you can't figure out how in the world you ended up like this again.

What about that perfect soul mate? Did you picture him/her in your mind, think about how wonderful it is going to be to spend the rest of your life with that person and BAM! They show up the next week in a random place - you meet - hit it off and...............what? You ask yourself - how did I end up with a loser like this again?

Have you read stacks of self help books and still find yourself unhappy and unable to live the life you want? Some people try for three or four months straight! When things don't change the way they want them to, they decide that God has it in for them. They are destined to be miserable and poor, or destined to be alone and unloved in this world.

Let's be honest here. If it was as simple as stating a few positive affirmations and/or sitting quietly in meditation visualizing your life in a different way - there wouldn't be any unhappy people in the entire world. No one wants to be unhappy and miserable. Positive affirmations and visualizations are a great way turn your life in a different direction, but there is actually a bit more to do before affirmations and visualization will work. You must first learn which thoughts are sabotaging your desires and canceling out the positive affirmations that you are practicing every day. How do you do that? Keep reading!

Where do our thoughts come from anyway? That might seem like a silly question, but let me explain why it isn't at all. There are two thought processes going on in your head at all times. One thought process says "I deserve to be ------" and the other says "oh we both know that isn't true at all". One thought process you are completely aware of and have control over, and the aren't aware of. It is functioning all by itself.

Think of it like a record that plays in the back of your mind, and that record has been playing since you were young. This record says things like:

Can't you do anything right?

Who do you think you are anyway?

This recording reminds you of all the reasons you aren't worthy of whatever it is you are trying to achieve. It reminds you of the all the things you tried to do and failed. It silently plays in the back of your mind and provides all the necessary criticism to keep you unhappy, frustrated, angry, sad, and bitter. If you are one of the many people that pretend you are happy because you think that you are supposed to, or don't want anyone to really know how incredibly unhappy you are only hurting yourself by continuing to pretend to be something you are not.

How exactly was this record made? It started recording as soon as you started thinking and it was influenced by all the people that were around you when you were a child.

Perhaps you think that your childhood was wonderful! Maybe you tell yourself how blessed you are to have had parents who were always supportive and loving. Negative thoughts couldn't possibly be playing in the back of your mind! Maybe you know your early childhood wasn't the greatest and you've made a pact with yourself to not let your past dictate your future and that is that!

Did you ever have a teacher that was so strict you were afraid of not knowing the answer when they asked? What about a teacher that could only explain things one way and you just couldn't understand what the point was they were trying to get across, but when you asked them to explain it again they implied that you were dumb?

Maybe you had a teacher who publicly shamed or ridiculed you if you answered a question wrong or failed a test.

Did you play organized sports as a kid, or learn a musical instrument? Did you have a coach that would yell, scream and belittle you when you missed a goal or couldn't accomplish a particular task? Maybe your music instructor would get frustrated because you didn't practice or because you couldn't play a certain piece in a particular way.

When you learned about God, were you told that if you behaved in a manner unpleasing to this God that you would be punished in some way? Perhaps you were told that if you didn't abide by a certain set of rules that you would be sent to a place where you would burn for all of eternity. Were you ever afraid of God in any way, or were you taught that God loves us all equally and that He has a specific plan for you?

There are many ways that we are influenced in how we think about certain things, and some of these beliefs are so deeply ingrained in our thinking process that we are completely unaware of them. If you have been saying positive affirmations and visualizing all sorts of positive outcomes and they haven't manifested in your reality, there are negative beliefs holding you back. If you've tried to do this on your own and been unsuccessful, consider getting some outside help.

Talking with friends is great, but speaking with someone who doesn't know you is the only way you'll get an objective opinion. Beware of people who feel as though they are selling you something. If you are already working with a life coach or counselor and not progressing - find another. Follow your gut! Keep looking until you find the person that you connect with and that encourages you to move forward. A good coach or counselor will teach you what to do when you are frustrated, angry or depressed, and help you uncover the thoughts that sabotage your best efforts to turn your life around.

You can turn your life around. Choose you.

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