Is Happiness Really just a Choice?

If happiness was as simple as making a decision to be happy - why aren't more people happy?

Happiness is a choice only if you know deep down in the darkest corners of your being that you are worthy of happiness. You might say - well obviously everyone is worthy of being happy. Sure! But knowing something intellectually and believing it with every ounce of who you are are two completely different things. People who have grown accustomed to criticism, for instance, do not know that they have any worth at all. Constant criticism, regardless of the source, does not encourage a sense of self worth at all. Criticism in all its forms propagates the idea that you are less than, which translates to non-worthy.

Choosing to lead a happy life is far more involved than a mere thought. Choosing to lead a happy life involves constant self examination of your personal ideas and attitudes, and the willingness to understand that you alone are responsible for your own life. Being responsible for your own life doesn't mean you deny all the things that bother you and instead choose to be 'happy'. Being responsible for your own life means that you have to get to a place where you are ready to delve into your personal attitudes and beliefs and really examine if they are serving you purposefully or not. Being responsible for your life means that sometimes you need to learn how to let go of blaming others and heal your past so that your past can't interfere with your future.


Our minds are constantly referencing experiences from our past to either warn us of a possible threat, or remind us of something enjoyable. Warnings from our minds sometimes keep us alive and/or unharmed, but sometimes those warnings are not valid in the current context. For example - suppose you've had relationships with people who have been either emotionally or physically abusive to you. Every time you meet someone new, your mind will look for similarities of past abusive people and remind you - all in a micro second - of an instance where you were harmed. Sometimes it is just a word that was spoken in a conversation or a song that you hear while you're out on a new date. People often refer to these references as triggers. Problems arise when these triggers show up in every new relationship you try to form, and when the triggers create the same patterns in your perception that reflect on every person you meet, regardless of whether this person does in fact pose a threat to you or not. This is how your past negatively affects your current space in time and interferes with your future.

Healing your past usually will require external help. Why? Because you can't change your perceptions if you are constantly justifying your perceptions to yourself. The idea that YOU need to change is really difficult for most people to grasp - especially when they feel that someone has deliberately physically or emotionally harmed them in some way. Healing the past requires that you go outside of your self, connect with your inner you - your Spirit, which in turn will connect with a power greater than any person on this earth. Your Spirit will connect you the power of creation and that power is the only thing that can help you heal your past.

Sometimes your Spirit will lead you to people who can help you see things differently. I call these people Angels on earth! Angels are everywhere and come in many forms. You must be ready to change your life and committed to yourself TO change before change can happen. Ever hear of the phrase: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear? Your Spirit always knows the truth and will always guide you to where you need to be, but you have to be willing to follow that guidance and trust that guidance.


A lot of attention has been given to the idea that in order to be happy, you only need forgive whoever it is you feel harmed you and you will have the peace and happiness you desire. If forgiving was as simple as a thought, there wouldn't be nearly as much hate and anger in the world!

Forgiveness is a process that requires Divine intervention. Forgiving someone doesn't mean you condone their behavior, but it isn't complete until you can feel love towards that person rather than anger, bitterness, resentment or judgment. True forgiveness comes from a complete understanding of whatever it was that happened in your life that caused your physical or emotional pain. Understanding leads to compassion and compassion will allow you to forgive. When this process has been completed, the memory of the event is no longer referenced and all warnings, or triggers, will cease. Freedom comes when your memories no longer provide warnings and instead provide comfort, filling your entire being with love and light.

When you are ready to heal the past and find your own freedom, trust that you will be guided to the right person to help you unravel your past.

© 2017 Penny Hodgson All Rights Reserved

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