Words have Energy

Words have a definitive definition right?! A word has a classification. It is either a noun, pronoun, preposition, verb or adjective, and the meaning is set in stone depending on the context of the sentence. What if I were to suggest, that in your mind, some words also have a positive or negative energy attached to them that invokes a particular emotion in you. Some words can actually initiate strong emotions in you. Why? They are attached to meaningful experiences. Sometimes, words will incite a feeling of injustice in you - like pedophile or murderer, but these too are likely attached to a negative past experience.

Let's take a look at some words that commonly stir up emotions. As you read each word, think about the following: What happens in your body when you read this word? What picture forms in your mind in relation to this word? What emotion does that picture cause you to feel?

BABY. We all know what a baby is. The word usually brings about a desire to love, protect, or cuddle. Adults can be reduced to little children in the presence of a baby! Babies might be people, animals, birds, reptiles etc.! Most people have positive emotions when hearing or reading this word, but it might hold a memory that is sad for some who have lost a child to disease or accident.

HOLD. Hold is defined as: to have or keep an object, with or within the hands or arms; clasp. To be held for some people invokes memories of being nurtured, loved. For others, depending on their personal experience, might bring bad memories to mind or invoke intense fear.

NURTURE is defined as: to promote or encourage the development of. Do you think of your mom when you see this word, or if you have children, does this word bring back memories of when they were born? This word usually reminds us of positive feelings; of being loved and cared for. For some though, it might stir up anger or sadness because they feel that it was absent from their childhood.

DEBUNK: expose the pretentions or falseness of, especially by ridicule. Expose - falseness - ridicule......those words, to me, infer a negative act is taking place. To the people using the word, they may feel a sense of pride in attacking that idea, so the word brings about a feeling of accomplishment to them. To those whose ideas were attacked, the word could instigate a desire to continue to try to prove the idea, or stir up anger.

SWAY. Sway is defined: control, power; to vacillate or cause to vacillate between two or more opinions. This word could be interchanged with manipulate or coerce, but if either of those words was used, you would immediately become defensive, and likely not swayed!

RACIST. Racialism is defined as hostile attitude or behavior to members of other races, based on the innate superiority of one's own race. RACE is defined as a group of people of common ancestry with distinguishing physical features, such as skin or color. People have very strong emotional ties to a word like racist, and their life experience always determines the energy attached to this word. The word racist has been used in relation to attitudes of people that have nothing to do with race, therefore in direct opposition to promoting tolerance or acceptance of a particular race. Naming someone a racist can be an attempt to inflict guilt upon another and/or deflect attention away from the real issue that is causing dissention.

ATTACK. Attack is defined as: launch a physical assault; criticize; affect adversely. The mention of this word usually causes a person to feel defensive, even if they are perfectly safe at the time. To a military group though, the word can incite a sense of duty which is a positive emotion.

HOLISTIC. Holistic is defined as: relating to the medical consideration of the complete person, physically and psychologically, in the treatment of a disease. Some people are offended at the mere mention of this word and the feeling for them is negative. These offended people usually use words like debunk when referring to anything that is holistic! On the other side of the fence, holistic minded people, doctors and other practitioners, associate this word with healing which invokes positive emotions.

FLOWING. Flowing is defined as: moving, as in a stream; hanging freely or loosely. Flowing usually invokes comfort. Her gown was flowing freely as she moved down the aisle. The river was flowing gently and the sound brought peace to my heart. This word brings positive emotion to mind and heart.

LOVE: Love is defined: an intense emotion of affection, warmth, fondness, and regard towards a person or thing. If you have people or things in your life that you love, the word will be positive, but if you feel alone, abandoned and forgotten, it might cause you to feel anger or sadness.

Words like church, religion, spirit, or holy generally provoke strong emotions that can be either positive or negative. Words like fun, exciting, playful and whimsical more often than not generate positive feelings.

AS you can see from all the examples, words do hold energy, but the energy it holds for YOU, is dependent on your own personal experience. Your own unique perspective. When you read or hear a sentence, certain words will bring about a feeling of positive or negative energy in you, especially if that word invokes a strong emotion such as anger or rage. This all happens within a split second of seeing or hearing a word. Most people are not even aware that it is happening.

Like little building blocks, the more instances a particular word causes a negative feeling in you, it can build a kind of emotional wall where the chance of light - positive energy - must struggle to get in. This is how rigid thinking - a black and white only perspective - can take hold in a person and imprison them. The wall appears to be protective but it is really a defense mechanism.

Each time a particular word, phrase or sentence stirs up a negative emotion in you, ask yourself if the emotion you are feeling is occurring as a result of what you are hearing or reading in the present, or if the word might have hitched itself to a negative emotion stored in your memory banks.

Every word that forms a thought in your mind carries with it energy. Retrain your mind to be aware of the energy that each word you use triggers in you.

© 2017 Penny Hodgson All Rights Reserved

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