Don't let advertisers take advantage of your desires or worse yet......tell you what they are!

The birth of a new year usually brings forth hope for change. Most people make a list of the things they want to improve which is more often than not, their appearance. They want to lose weight or get into better shape and the retail and service industry is counting on it. Flyers, TV commercials, full page newspaper advertisements , emails from big retail chains and grocery stores will try to cash in on that very idea.

Join ________ weight loss centers now - half price!

The ________ machine will burn off fat in only 15 min per day

Just do _________ and you can have the body you've always wanted.

Eat _________ to achieve your best weight.

The thing is......the body you think you want wasn't your idea to begin with. For one thing - it isn't YOUR body. It's an IDEA of a body.

Now - on the other side of the fence you are told - love yourself the way you are.

Which one calls to YOU the most?

Here's the catch - no matter which one you choose. You have to actually WANT it. That might sound obvious, but stay with me for a moment. If you want the 'better' body with rock solid abs - you must put in the work to get it. It will require that you be diligent with diet and exercise.

If you truly want to love your body - you must DO it. Love is a verb not a noun. When you truly love something, you take care of it. Nurture it. What is the best way to take care and nurture your body? You must be diligent with diet and exercise.

One choice will cost you a pile of money in specific diet plans, equipment or memberships - and the other choice............. not nearly as much.


Every body requires it's own unique set of nutrients (food) as well as amount of exercise. Additionally, your Spirit requires attention. In order to achieve the best health you can, give attention to all three aspects of yourself. Mind - body - and Spirit.

Mind? Yes. It doesn't matter how healthy you eat.....if your thoughts are toxic - you will not achieve the health you desire. Toxic thoughts produce disease. You might have to un-learn some things in order to rid your thoughts of negative patterns. Seek help from someone who has had training in this area to help you.

Body......we all know we need to exercise, but what amount or type? For some folks - walking and gentle yoga is enough. For others it might take a lot of cardiovascular exercise, or a combination of weights and cardio. Just like there is no one diet plan that works for everyone - there is no one way to exercise either. It's more important that you do SOMETHING rather than nothing.

Diet - maybe your body runs better on a high fat lower carb combination. Perhaps your body requires more complex carbs than protein in order to run efficiently. Maybe your body works better on a high protein low carb plan. The first thing is to determine if there are deficiencies that need to be topped up. A holistic practitioner trained in nutrition can help you determine that.

Spirit. What does it mean to nurture and love your Spirit? How do you do that? Learn to communicate with it. That inner voice - gut feeling......that is your Spirit. What feeds your Spirit? Love. Understanding and compassion. We must practice these things daily, so whether you gain it from reading a specific Spiritual text or meditation or both......it must become a daily practise the same as eating and exercise.

Start 2016 off by making a commitment to yourself. Go for a walk today - enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Have a salad! Say a prayer!

May 2016 be the year you achieve happiness, health and prosperity!

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