Health Hub With Penny - Do you really need to take supplements?

If you eat a well balanced diet, do you still need to take supplements? I believe that all depends on the level of your health.

Have you recently been ill? Have you been assessed by a certified nutritional expert for nutrient deficiencies? Are you taking medications that deplete your body of certain nutrients? Is the majority of your diet pesticide, fungicide and herbicide free? Do you consume foods and processed foods that contain genetically modified molecules? Do you catch colds easily? Do you have bouts of flu often? Are you over the age of 40? Does your body process the nutrients you give it properly?

All of these questions may give insight as to whether your body requires additional supplements, or whether you are able to do without.

If you have gone through, or are currently receiving chemotherapy, for instance, there are specific foods that help you combat particular side effects from the drugs. If you have had surgery, or multiple surgeries, then your body is more likely showing deficiencies in certain areas and you will require supplements until those deficiencies are met.

Certain medications deplete your body of specific nutrients, and other medications prevent your body from making certain enzymes. Medications can interfere with proper digestion which will prevent your body from assimilating the nutrients in the food you are consuming.

Our food does not contain the same level of nutrients that were in food 50 years ago. Crops deplete the soil of certain minerals that are not replaced by synthetic or even so called natural fertilizers, and farmers do not rotate their crops like they used to. Farming is a business like any other, and farmers want to see profit. The idea of maintaining nutrient value in the food they are growing is not high on the list of considerations when planting crops.

What about genetically modified crops? Do you really understand the science behind it, or are you simply believing what you've been told?

After several months of researching both sides of this issue, I personally choose to avoid any product that has been genetically altered, but I believe that everyone has their own right to choose.

If you are struggling with weight issues, either losing too easily, can't gain, or can't lose, you may have hormonal imbalances that need addressing. The old idea of calories in versus calories out has been scientifically proven to be flawed. Certain foods will cause your body to store fat no matter how much exercise you do.

If your body is in a state of complete health and you eat a well balanced diet, you probably don't need to take supplements, but how could you know the state of your body's nutrition status if you haven't been assessed by a nutrition expert? Many people think a holistic nutritionist's only role is to tell you what you should eat, but that is only one small part of a holistic nutritionist's role. Addressing deficiencies and helping you learn how to listen to your body's signals is also what a holistic nutrition is all about.

If you are curious about the state of nutritional health your body is in, book an assessment today!

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