If your joint has deteriorated to the point of requiring surgery, consider the following:

1. Acute Pain from the degraded joint and surgery can disrupt digestion, which can prevent certain nutrients from getting into your system.

2. Mineral depletion, caused from the body trying to maintain and even repair the joint on its own, is not usually replenished without the added use of a variety of mineral supplements. Analysis of mineral deficiencies will indicate the appropriate amount of nutrients needed to replenish bone stores and fortify the new joint.

3. Chronic pain, worry and stress cause strain on the adrenal glands by keeping your body in a fight or flight response. Nutrients that support the adrenal glands should be taken until all the symptoms of adrenal exhaustion have reduced significantly, or are gone altogether.

4. Certain pain relievers, antibiotics and other medications (anesthetic, relaxants etc.) can further disrupt the digestive process, reduce the level of beneficial bacteria needed for a healthy intestinal tract, thereby interrupting the assimilation process and preventing the uptake or even depleting your body of required nutrients.

Disrupted or reduced digestion means that the nutrients in your food OR supplements, are not being absorbed properly. No matter how healthy you think you are eating, or how many supplements you are taking, until your digestive process is functioning normally your body is not getting the required nutrients for optimal healing.

In some cases, disrupted digestion can lead to other issues like intestinal inflammation and leaky gut syndrome. An imbalanced intestinal system can lead to excessive weight gain, food allergies and intolerances, unexplained aches and pains, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome just to name a few.

Don't forget that doctors and other health care practitioners such as physiotherapists and massage therapists are focused on the task at hand. Nutrition has become a specialized therapy, and proper nutritional guidance requires that a doctor or therapist has studied or specialized in nutritional science.

Along with proper nutrition, the body requires the right amount of exercise in the right way. If you have had joint replacement surgery, seeking the counsel of a physiotherapist to ensure you are performing the required exercises properly is a good idea, even if you exercise regularly. Physiotherapy is usually prescribed by the surgeon to ensure exercises are done properly, so as to not jeopardize the new joint.

In order for muscles to heal properly, good blood circulation is required to deliver the much needed nutrients to the damaged tissue. Massage therapists can help ensure proper circulation and also stimulate lymph flow, which is also an important factor in the healing process.

Emotional health can also be affected by stress resulting from long surgery waiting times, fear of upcoming surgery, fear of pain, and financial strain as a result of having to take time off work. Talking with a trained therapist can help you find your way back to positive emotional wellbeing.

Nurturing your Spirit will also help your body heal. Stress and pain can sometimes become so paramount in your day that your usual Spiritual practice gets put aside. In some cases, you might question why you have been put through such an ordeal or blame God for your situation. In these cases, seeking help from an elder that shares your beliefs might bring much needed insight into your situation.

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