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Psychological Birth Chart Analysis

$150 per hour

**This reading is

Not computer generated**

New Year New You Sale!

ONLY $75 per session

You are unique & so is your birth chart!

Your entire life's plan was written in the stars the moment you were born. 

Every challenge & every potential victory

See how this star map can help you

discover you!

One on One Personal

Mind Files Session

Get help identifying and working through

the files in the filing cabinets of your mind

1 hour online sessions $150

New Year New You SALE!

Only $75 per session


Comprehensive Birth Chart Analysis

One session for each of the 12 houses

Save $300!

That's 12 sessions for Only $1500!!

Buy 10 personal Mind Files sessions and get 2 free!

Only $1200!!

Personal Energy Reading

Discover what your


is telling the Universe!

Only $60 per session

online private sessions

Mind-Body Stress


Your mind and your body are connected.

Find out if stress has had an impact on your physiological body.

Discover nutritional imbalances

Find out your emotional stress score

Complete Assessment


* Forms will be sent to you via email. 

* Your info is analyzed prior to online consult

SALE! Save 50%

Tarot Card Readings


You are in complete control of the cards

in this 30 min online session!

Your card reading is done LIVE