Achieve Emotional & Physical Health 


One on One ONLINE Personal

Mind Files Session

Emotional trauma recovery isn't something you can do on your own because the mind's process is very clever at disguising the  root cause. 

In these online confidential sessions, we will discover the intellectual & emotional blocks that are preventing you from a joyful life.


Mind Files is a mind-body program that incorporates Spiritual ideas.

Nutritional Consult

There are many things that negatively impact your physiological health & chronic stress is at the top of that list!


Find out the nutritional status

of your body by taking this



Discover how YOU can improve your body's overall health through food!

Complete mind-body Stress Assessment

Your mind and your body are connected.

This comprehensive assessment

provides you with a complete picture

of how chronic stress has

negatively impacted your physiology

Complete Assessment


* Forms will be sent to you via email. 

* Results will be emailed. 

*Does not include online consult

Psychological Astrology

Your life path was written in the stars the moment you were born.

Every challenge & every potential victory is written in your astrological birth chart.



Psychological Birth Chart Analysis

**Based on the work of Carl Jung

**This reading is not computer generated & is used as a companion in holistic counselling**

Personal Energy Reading

Discover what your


is telling the Universe!

Only $40 per session

Need help but struggling financially? 

I understand!

Ask me about my sliding scale service fees option

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