Spiritual Study Series: Session #4 Atonement

#ownup #responsibility #honor #integrity Atonement, like so many words tied to organized religion, more than likely holds a negative connotation in your mind. Somewhere in your FEAR cabinet, there is Mind File that describes a preacher shaking his finger in your direction yelling: you must atone for your sins!.... Or something along that line. Messages like that so permeate our culture that it's no wonder people turned away from God. If you grow up thinking He judges and punishes you for sinning, then it's going to be nearly impossible to have trust and faith in Him. In the Spiritual context, atonement means understand. Atone for your sins means understand your mistakes, because understandin

Spiritual Study Series: Session #3 Revelations

#GainingWisdom #TruthRevealed #DivineGuidance #SpiritualLife As a child, I remember feeling as though the Book of Revelations in the Bible was akin to a doomsday book, so the word 'revelation' itself carried an ominous tone. It resided in a file in my FEAR cabinet. It grew in intensity every time I thought that God punished us for bad behavior, and every time I watched one of those evangelical folks on TV preaching about judgment day, another fear filter went into that file until it became a block that I was completely unaware of. I was unaware of it because my mind's process had I file that said: I get this! I don't have any biases where religion is concerned, but when it came right down to

Spiritual Study Series: Session #2 More Miracles

#Forgive #OpenYourHeart #LetGo #ACIM #SpiritualLife #PersonalGrowth It's not easy to 'Let Go And Let God'. For people who like to be in control, to conquer, to master, to prepare for what might come - letting go takes a lot of doing. On the first page of A Course in Miracles, we are told that "...miracles mean life, and God is the giver of life. His voice will direct you very specifically. You will be told all you need to know".(#4) That means that we don't have to try to control, or conquer or master or even prepare. God - however you choose to understand that power - will tell us everything we need to know. It's true! We are given what we need, but what we actually need is a whole lot less

Spiritual Study Series: Session #1 Miracles

#Miracles #AhaMoments #DivineWisdom #claircognizance #Intuition #SixthSense When you think about the word miracle, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Do you have an expectation, or are you dismissive of the possibility that miracles are real? For me, there is only one book to go to when thinking about Miracles, and that is A Course in Miracles! Today's Spiritual Study is taken from the first section of the first chapter: The Meaning of Miracles. As you read through, jot down the first thing that comes to your mind for each point discussed. I'm not going to address all 50 points in the first section, but I will share some insight about several of them with you. #1 - There is no

Spiritual Study Series: Introduction

#SpiritualLife #MiraclesHappen #Faith Spirituality, faith, God.....these are heavy words. For a lot of people - especially people who feel as though they have been judged and damned by God - the topic of Spirituality itself is an intellectual and emotional block. People who have been emotionally traumatized (and that, according to recent studies is as high as 1 in 3) are often angry with God. They wonder how a loving God could have allowed this horrible thing to happen to me. Life has become incredibly stressful, yet most people choose to struggle through it all on their own, reluctant to trust anyone with their deepest fears, transgressions and resentments for fear of being judged, criticiz

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