Tune In To Your Intuition

#TrustYourGut #ListenToYourSpirit #TheHeartKnows #SeekTheTruth In Mind Files, I tried to explain how to connect with an intelligence much greater than any human being. As it turned out, it's much harder to explain than I thought, but the Universe has a funny way of guiding you to exactly where you need to be when the time is right for you to be there. You need only learn how to listen. During #Covid, I came across some research about emotional trauma that I hadn't seen before. One thing led to another - as it usually does - which led me to an amazing, scientifically proven and extensively researched program that works incredibly well with my Mind Files program, and I'd like to share it with

The Positives of Negatives

#PersonalPower #LiveInTruth #BeAuthentic #MindFiles Take a moment to really consider what causes you to take action. What motivates you to create something new or try something different? What is at the core of your passion? If you're honest with yourself, and you dig deep enough, you'll find that it was something unpleasant. Pain. Who wants it? Every day the news is filled with stories of the horrible things that people do to one another. The natural response to witnessing aggression and oppression is anger and people are quick to declare: Someone needs to do something! How dare they! We want justice! But it's not justice that anyone seeks, it's punishment because punishment validates the

Dear Dad

#FathersDay #ForgivingMyDad #FathersAndDaughters Hi Dad! I wish we could have healed our relationship before you passed away but I wasn't willing back then and I didn't know how. I'm not even sure you realized that I never felt loved by you. You said the words every once in a while, but the energy behind your words was incongruent. I certainly felt your criticism, judgment and condemnation. There was never any doubt in my mind or my heart that I wasn't living up to your expectations, no matter how hard I tried. It took many years for me to understand why you were so mean, and to learn how to forgive you. I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but once, when I was only six years old, Granddad

Credibility Is In The Eye of The Beholder

Do you remember a time when you trusted yourself to discern whether information was valuable to you or not? Can you recall a time when you tuned in to your gut instinct to make a decision? I bet that was many years ago, long before systems and institutions sold you the idea of credibility. I was speaking with someone the other day about new programs I have coming up in the fall, and the issue of credibility came up. I'm not sure why, but in that instant, I felt the exhaustion of decades of effort of 'proving my worth' to others and an old #MindFile that I thought had been resolved began to play. While my intellectual mind now understands that the issue of credibility has nothing to do with k

I Hear You

#SelfCare #PersonalPower #BeAuthentic #SeekTheTruth #ItBeginsWithU #MindFiles There is so much going on in this world right now, it takes a while to really consider what is actually happening. With #Covid19 fears and government imposed #Lockdowns, people all over the world have been taken deep into their #FEARCabinet. Most people avoid venturing into their FEAR cabinet to see what is actually in there, instead allowing the mind's process to continually add filters to the files stored there. This increases the negative energy contained within. Eventually, that tension needs to escape, so people welcomed the opportunity to publicly declare their collective reaction to abuse of authority. The d

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