The Truth is Always Revealed

#HaveFaith #NoFear #TrustYourGut #IntuitionRules #CovidFear I've always had faith. Of course, there were times in my life when I felt as though God had abandoned me or was punishing me, but the truth was, I had abandoned Him and I was punishing myself! I had chosen to wallow in my self-pity, blaming everyone and everything for my misery instead of accepting responsibility for my choices. Once I was done feeling sorry for myself, I would gradually find myself reconnecting with my Spirit and reaching out to the Holy Spirit for answers. When I was ready to receive them, the answers came. Over the years I've tried to understand what this thing I call God actually is and why having faith in it is

About Judgment

#MotivesMatter #CheckYourselfFirst #MindFiles Lately, our collective negative energy has taken a huge leap and been intensified to a level never seen before. It's not that there hasn't been incidents that negatively impacted large numbers of people before - there has, of course - but the internet didn't exist at that time. The exchange of ideas between people had to happen in person - face to face, which meant that people were reading the energy of the person conveying the idea, whether they were aware they were or not. Their visceral response - positive or negative - told them all they needed to know, but without that face to face interaction, the only thing a person has is their mind's pro

I Rise Up & I Am Reborn

#startingover #newday #empowerment #women I remember the day I understood. The day when I finally got it - the key - the answer - the secret. It took me years and years of reading and trying and doing and reaching out for help, and reading and trying some more.....and when I finally understood the how's and the why's, and the where's and when's of it all, I felt re-born. The weight of all the stuff that I carried was lifted and in that instant, I felt freer than I'd ever felt in my entire life! I was overcome with so much joy, I began to giggle and laugh hysterically! A warmth that I cannot describe spread through my body and I knew in that instant I would never feel that burden again. The w

Betrayal, Torture, Suffering & Death

Today is Good Friday. A day where Christians all over the world remember the day that Jesus was betrayed by people within his circle; arrested because people were afraid of what he was teaching, as his teachings were in opposition to the current religious and political powers; sentenced to death by a politician eager to win votes from his constituents through this act of condemnation; ridiculed, shamed, and assaulted by the people in his community whose perspectives were so rigid they did not even attempt to try to understand what he was teaching; tortured by soldiers loyal to the politicians, and ultimately hung on a cross where he would succumb to his injuries and die. The story of Jesus i

Eating Is An Act of Self-Nurturing

#EatClean #FoodIsInformation #SelfCare #SelfNurture Everyone has to eat. Every day we are learning more about how food specifically interacts with the cells in our body. Despite these exciting advances in science, the one thing that hasn't changed and that everyone can agree upon, is that we need food to survive. There are numerous mind files stored in the filing cabinets of your mind that have to do with food. Taking in food is how we nurture ourselves, and like all actions, the motivation behind them can originate in either the LOVE cabinet or the FEAR cabinet. Sometimes, we think our mind's process is referencing files from our LOVE cabinet when it's actually referencing FEAR files. To he

Been There. Done That. Nearly Got The Casket

#adrenalfatigueisreal #chronicstress #malnourished #healthynow #eatclean #adrenalfatigue #nutrition #naturalremedies I've always been a person who did the best that I can do in all things. I was taught to: Be productive! Contribute! Have a purpose! I dutifully followed this directive and eventually became an over-achiever! I was driven. I was a perfectionist. I did whatever I had to do to keep going and to accomplish the task. I rarely missed work - even when I was sick. I took anti-inflammatory medicines, OTC analgesics and prescription opioids to keep the pain from my skeletal deformity at bay which allowed me to keep moving forward and be purposeful! With grit, tenacity and sheer will - I

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