The Food File

You are what you eat and you choose what to eat based upon the information contained in the mind file that deals with food. Inside this food file will be all the conclusions your mind's process arrived at about what food is, why food matters, what constitutes clean food etc., at the current level of understanding you had at the time. I rarely write nutritional articles, but there is a heightened level of fear these days as far as getting sick goes, so I decided to write a short article about the importance of nutrition in our body's ability to assess and deal with potential biological invaders. In other words - the role of nutrition in the body's immune system. I'm going to try not to get al

Fear, Facts & Faith

I never imagined I would be living in a time where fear and panic would rule the world. In fact, I'm so stunned by it all, I've had to take some time to get my mind wrapped around it before writing anything. It's difficult for me to have a rational conversation with anyone who has accepted the mainstream narrative, because once fear has set in, ration and reason goes out the window. What I know for sure, is fear spreads faster than any virus, faith is the opposite of fear, and you can't convince people of something they simply are not ready or willing to hear. The very first day the COVID-19 story broke, I was quick to dismiss it as ridiculous. I was certain, that 'medical officials' - woul

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