When Love Doesn't Mean Love

Religious teachings for thousands of years were intended to help each individual person navigate life, so as people moved away from religion

Holistic you say?

A life coach who doesn't challenge your beliefs and agrees with every statement you make isn't helping you. They are merely gate keepers dis

Lest We Forget? We Already Have

#Remember #RemembranceDay #HonourTheFallen #LearnFromThePast Every year leading up to and especially on Remembrance Day, news stories (both on television and in print) are remind us of numerous stories of heroism in war. Television stations do their part by programming the appropriate number of war movies and documentaries. Social media streams are filled with artistic and clever memes designed to remind us to feel a little guilt, and to take a moment to remember how exactly we came to be living with the freedoms we enjoy. I wonder how many of the people who are literally fighting one another in their own communities over the right to not only to display their chosen label, but also to do wh

Everyone Has Regrets

While it's true that we always have the choice to choose how we will respond to human interaction, until one has.....

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