Labels Restrict Your Ability To Be Who You Actually Are

#LoseTheLabel #YouAreMore #LetItGo #SelfRespect #SelfLove #CleanYourCabinets #MindFiles I've never been a fan of labels. I've never accepted any for myself despite the eagerness of others to assign one or more to me. Had I accepted them, my labels would be: angry, bitter, defensive, disabled, jaded, man-hater, victim, survivor, Type A, warrior, and who knows what other ones people have dreamt up and assigned to me. I am none of those things. It's obvious that I can't physically do things that others can - that I have a 'disability' because I walk with a pretty nasty limp. You won't see me participating in any marathons or joining a kick-boxing club. I was basically born without hip sockets,

From Blessing To Curse & Back Again

#YesICan #GetBackUp #MountainLife #CanyonWalk #TwoHips #HipDysplasia #NeverSettle #Determination #DivineIntervention It's been several years and another round of hip surgeries since I was able to hike all the way up to the lower falls at Johnston Canyon, but yesterday - I finally made it! For me, the most difficult life challenge I've had to face this time around is the continual fight to maintain my mobility. I started having major hip surgeries in my early teens - back when my body recovered quickly. Now, it takes years for my body to heal and that has been a long hard road for me to come to terms with. In the 1990's I flew to Toronto twice to undergo reconstructive hip surgery. I was bles

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