Secrets Grow Into Heavy Burdens

#BreakTheSilence #FreeYourself Do you remember hearing: No one likes a tattle-tale Loose lips sink ships Don't let the cat out of the bag! Can you keep a secret? We learn to keep secrets about a lot of different things. Some mind files that deal with secrecy will be filed in your LOVE cabinet, but the majority will be filed in your FEAR cabinet. Think back to a time when someone told you to keep something secret. Ask yourself: Who was that person that encouraged you to keep something quiet and what exactly was the secret? Why were you willing to keep that secret? How many times did this person tell you to keep a secret? If someone approached you today and asked you to keep a similar secret -

Help Can Only Come Through An Open Door

#OpenTheDoor #HelpYourself #LetGo Why is it so difficult to ask for help? The mind's process is incredibly creative and efficient and it knows it! What it isn't good at - is admitting it isn't capable of knowing everything. No one can know all things Most people find it difficult to ask for help because needing help is perceived as a failure of some kind. A weakness. The reality is, no one can know all things and everyone needs a little help now and then, so what is really behind the reluctance to ask for help? The fear of being criticized, condemned, and judged. Everyone faces criticism, but not everyone receives sufficient encouragement and that's how the mind file that deals with capabili

Anxiety, Gratitude & Authentic Living

#LifePath #Faith #Maturity #PersonalGrowth How exactly does a person let go and let God? Behind every stressful thought, every anxious heartbeat, and every worry is fear. Fear multiplies quickly and it will continue to grow until it is conquered through genuine heart-felt love, and the only way to experience genuine heart-felt love is through a personal relationship with God - however you choose to understand him. THE ROOT CAUSE OF ANXIETY What is anxiety? Ultimately, anxiety starts out as one mind file that gets filed in your FEAR cabinet. As your FEAR cabinet fills up, the level of anxiety you feel increases and will continue to increase until the files are resolved. The root cause behind

Rigid Perspectives & Anxiety

#Anxiety #Worries #LetGo #SelfCare Where does anxiety come from? It starts with a perception. An idea. Our mind's process arrives at a conclusion (our perception) and decides this conclusion is the conclusion of all conclusions. It reinforces this conclusion so many times within a short time frame, the perspective quickly becomes an intellectual and emotional block that you are reluctant to let go of. These rigid perspectives start to accumulate in the filing cabinets of your mind and this is how you create anxiety in your world. Each time your mind's process reinforces a rigid perspective it gives it power, but the kind of power is always contrary to the mind's process's intellectual intent

We Author Our Lives In Ways We Aren't Aware Of

#CleanYourCabinets #MindFiles #SelfCare #Relationships When you meet someone new - whether that is a potential friend, lover or business acquaintance - the desire to make a good impression overpowers the desire to maintain boundaries - assuming you have boundaries in place, of course! What are personal boundaries? Personal boundaries are behaviours from others that are unacceptable to you. The irony about personal boundaries is, until you've experienced the negative impact of certain behaviours, you won't know whether they are actually acceptable or unacceptable to you. Remember, we start forming Mind Files immediately after birth! As babies, our conscious mind isn't yet able to think or com

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