The Way a Person was Nurtured Affects Their Nature

What makes people tell creative and fantastic tales that just aren't true? Why do people keep secrets from those they claim to love or have some kind of relationship with? What makes people think it's ok to be mean? What is wrong with someone who would harm a defenseless small child or animal? What makes people think they can just order other people around as if they are their own personal slaves? Why do people deny their actions, when you know - that they know - that you know that they really did do whatever it is you're accusing them of saying or doing? Fear. Some form of fear that they justify to themselves that they believe excuses their harmful actions. Common fear justifications

The Idea of Suffering & Sacrifice

God does not expect you to prove your worthiness to him by allowing yourself to suffer or worse yet - to sacrifice yourself. God does not expect you to do anything. The Divine Energy that is named God only wishes that you would see yourself for your own greatness and become who you were meant to be. THE FALL FROM HEAVEN The moment our Spirit left the vast unknown that is the Power of Creation, we separated from knowing belonging. Belief systems have used different phrases to try to explain this separation - the most common phrase being: 'The Fall from Heaven". When we were with God, attached to the core, we knew that we were a part of all that is, a part of God, and we didn't doubt for

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