The mere idea of oppression, of losing one’s freedom, of being controlled, manipulated or coerced by another in any way is all it takes to get most people riled up. Our media is filled with various articles, editorials, and videos that either describe a tragedy that has already taken place, or suggest that one is about to. The most popular articles are rewritten, re-worded, and regurgitated so much that the gist of the initial article grows and becomes a real threat in a lot of people’s minds. Stories quickly become social media memes designed to attack the perceived oppressor and rally the troops. Most peoples’ days are filled with so much negative information that negativity becomes a

Every Body is Different

Every person is unique. There are no two people that are exactly the same. Every person has their own shape, size, intellect, face, hair texture, and beauty. Of course, people share similarities, but ultimately, each person is their own unique self having their own unique experiences, and feeling their own unique feelings. It only makes sense then, that every person also has their own unique personal biochemical requirements that are entirely dependent on their unique life. Their whole life which includes – illnesses, accidents, medications, thought processes, beliefs, current stress level, and most importantly, their typical diet. Not the latest fad diet that lasted only three weeks s

The Spiritual Journey Part 3 - The Idols on Your Altar

The third part of our journey begins the process of looking at one’s ‘self’. Who are you? What gets you motivated and excited about life? What are the parts about your ‘self’ that you like? What are the parts about your ‘self’ that you dislike? What are the things in life you place a great deal of importance on? What are the things you think you need in order to be complete, happy, and content? What are the things that are missing from your life and are to blame for your unhappiness, your discontent and your feelings of incompleteness? When you arrive at the answers to the last few questions, you will have an idea of what is really important to you; the things that you think would ma

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