The Spiritual Journey Part 2 - Spiritual Lingo

Congratulations and welcome back! You have decided to embark on your own personal Spiritual journey. As with any journey, you will need to gather a few things before you start. A journal to write down memories and other things that come to your mind as we go along. Make note of important questions you want answered, because once you start this process, the answers will come to you. You might also want a section dedicated to all your ‘aha’ moments or discoveries. Find a comfortable and quiet space where you can write in your journal and connect with God. Finally, the last thing you’ll need is the willingness to understand what happened in your life in a different light. SPIRITUAL WORDS


What exactly is a Spiritual journey? First, you must come to an understanding of what you think your Spirit is exactly. Is Spirit tangible or abstract? Is it something that you can use one of your five senses to understand? Can you touch it? Taste it? Can you grasp it with your fingers or hold it in your hands? Can you smell it? Can you see it? If you can’t do any of these things with your Spirit – how do you know it exists? Maybe you equate a Spiritual journey with doing ‘God’s work’. Terrific! What does that mean to you? Is Spirit and religion the same thing, or different? IS your Spirit different from the person you portray to the rest of the world? Take some time to really c

Bone Broth, Leaky Gut & You

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A QUICK FIX In our high stress and fast-food culture, the idea that there is a quick fix is an appealing one.  Lit

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