Finding Your Way to Understanding, Compassion & Forgiveness

When you are in the midst of a difficult period, it is nearly impossible to completely understand why something is happening and even more difficult to feel compassion for yourself and/or for anyone else that was involved. Some people believe that you’ll never understand why something happened and that you shouldn’t even try to. Letting go of the need to know why – they claim – is important if you want to live in peace, but if you don’t understand why something happened, you are likely to find yourself in the same situation time and time again. Understanding and compassion will come to you when you find the courage to know the truth of the experience. Learning this kind of truth requires

When You Are Hurting…..

When you are hurting……….you cannot just ‘choose’ to be happy. When you are hurting……….you are tired. When you are hurting……….your body aches. When you are hurting……….you lash out with your words and hurt others. You don’t intend to hurt others. You’re not even sure how these things happen. When you are hurting………you eat, drink, drug, gamble, shop, have sex, take vacations, overspend, smoke, start relationships, end relationships, and yell at people far more than you should. You need something to help you feel better. When you are hurting…… feel alone even in a room full of people. When you are hurting…… feel as if no one understands you. When you are hurting………you want revenge o

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