Is Happiness Really just a Choice?

If happiness was as simple as making a decision to be happy - why aren't more people happy? Happiness is a choice only if you know deep down in the darkest corners of your being that you are worthy of happiness. You might say - well obviously everyone is worthy of being happy. Sure! But knowing something intellectually and believing it with every ounce of who you are are two completely different things. People who have grown accustomed to criticism, for instance, do not know that they have any worth at all. Constant criticism, regardless of the source, does not encourage a sense of self worth at all. Criticism in all its forms propagates the idea that you are less than, which translate

THOUGHTS ABOUT SUICIDE - Penny's Perspective Series

My brother committed suicide on Jan 8, 2011, a couple of weeks before he would have turned 52. He barricaded himself in his garage and sat in his running vehicle with a full tank of gas until his lungs filled with carbon monoxide and ended his life. His body was so saturated with carbon monoxide, the funeral home had to work harder to ensure his body would not deteriorate so much that an open casket would not be possible. It didn't occur to me at the time that there didn't have to be an open casket, and that people could have said their good-byes and got closure in some other way. The shock of his suicide hit me so hard I wasn't capable of rational thought for many months afterwards. I r


Are you doing what it is you absolutely love to do? Did you want to be a fireman when you grew up, or a policeman? Did you dream about being a doctor or a lawyer? Did you watch a TV show about a fantastic forensic scientist and dream about becoming one? Perhaps you wanted to be a rock star or an actor! If you were really inspired by a school teacher, you might have wanted to be a school teacher when you grew up. As a child, how many times did your 'dream' change? At what point in your life did you give up on being able to even have a dream? There are literally thousands of different things you could have chosen to do with your life. Did you choose something YOU wanted, or were you

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