Words have Energy

Words have a definitive definition right?! A word has a classification. It is either a noun, pronoun, preposition, verb or adjective, and the meaning is set in stone depending on the context of the sentence. What if I were to suggest, that in your mind, some words also have a positive or negative energy attached to them that invokes a particular emotion in you. Some words can actually initiate strong emotions in you. Why? They are attached to meaningful experiences. Sometimes, words will incite a feeling of injustice in you - like pedophile or murderer, but these too are likely attached to a negative past experience. Let's take a look at some words that commonly stir up emotions. As

Health Hub With Penny - Do you really need to take supplements?

If you eat a well balanced diet, do you still need to take supplements? I believe that all depends on the level of your health. Have you recently been ill? Have you been assessed by a certified nutritional expert for nutrient deficiencies? Are you taking medications that deplete your body of certain nutrients? Is the majority of your diet pesticide, fungicide and herbicide free? Do you consume foods and processed foods that contain genetically modified molecules? Do you catch colds easily? Do you have bouts of flu often? Are you over the age of 40? Does your body process the nutrients you give it properly? All of these questions may give insight as to whether your body requires a

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